Nov 5, 2008

S.i.B - 6

The S.i.B series, this time, is split into two; too many movies here spoil the fun of writing (and even reading) one such series. The next series would have Hello, Roadside Romeo, Heroes, Aegan, Fashion and whatever I watch this weekend. Yeah ! Yeah ! I know, most of these would be available on original DVDs by now. Hmm..what to do, I was partially blind for a while and wasn’t allowed to watch movies. Restricting movies is something next to corporal punishment for me. Some of the latest releases were watched on pirated DVDs and I hereby express my sincere apologies to those producers and distributors, but at the same time, the movies that some of you come up with, doesn’t deserve to be even watched.

Here is the first set; the movies listed are based on the release dates :

Thirakadha (Screenplay) - Malayalam
After a couple of commercial debacles, director Ranjith has come up with a path breaking movie. Infact, the movie is a good relief for the Malayalam film industry which is going through rough patches. One wishes if only the director stuck to these kinds of movies rather than churning out all those frequent mindless masala flicks. The screenplay is based on the real life romance of Kamal Haasan and Sri Vidhya during the 80’s. Priyamani has done a good job, but looks artificial in some of the emotional scenes while Anup Menon clearly steals the show delivering an excellent performance. Prithviraj takes the movie forward with his narration and has nothing much to do. Recommended. Rating : 3.5 / 5

Kadhalil Vizhunden (Fell in love) - Tamil
Hero loves heroine, proposes her and both fall in love. They elope to live happily but get chased till the end. So whats new, huh? The suspense quotient along with the racy treatment of the screenplay post interval forms the only highlight in Kadhalil Vizhunden, as the first half moves sluggishly. The songs’ including the famous ‘Nakka Mukka’ number appear out of nowhere and at the same time do not take the movie forward in any way. The transformation of Nakul from a plumpy careless teenager from his Boys days to the slim and suave action hero is noteworthy. Nakul is someone to watch out for. Avoidable . Rating : 2.5 / 5

Sakkarakatti (Sugar cube !) - Tamil
Please, cant even review this !! Rating : 0 / 5 (Cant even rate for ARRs songs, they were raped by the way it was picturised)

Raman Thediya Seethai (The Seetha whom Ram searched) - Tamil
It’s the Cheran charm that made this otherwise soap opera watchable. Pasupathi and Nitin Satya has very little to do, but excels in their respective roles. Out of the five heroines, Ramya Nambeesan stands out with her brilliant performance. With an offbeat subject on love, faith, self-confidence, will power and sacrifices, this movie could have been a lot better if it was trimmed. Rating : 2.5 / 5

Drona - Hindi
A slow motion (like how its put in the movie) lethargic superhero, wears the weirdest of costumes (even a dupatta!) and matches his fists against a joker (the villain!) to save umm..err…now what was that? Cant even remember for what it was all about. Torture. Rating : 0.5 / 5 (0.5 for the interval)

Kidnap – Hindi
The funniest movie I have watched in ages !!! The only person perfect for the role was Sanjay Dutt. Imran Khan doesn’t know how to emote and that’s proved once again after his debut. He needs to work on his dialogue delivery too. Minishaa and Vidya, the ladies should have swapped their roles. I cant believe that I actually sat through this !!! Rating 0.5 / 5 ( 0.5 for the final scene picturised on Imran and Minishaa)


Reema said...

Apt rating!!

myheadtrip said...

Have not seen any of those movies. Though A loves the song Taxi! Taxi!

Smita said...

Seen Drona out of this list and obv I agree with ur @ .5 for interval...;)

Reets said...

I have watched Raman thediya seethai out of ur list and it was a decent movie.Yet to watch sugarcube and Fell in love, Might watch it sometime this week.Anyways ur great u managed to sit thru drona and kidnap..

sakhi said...

hmmm... thanks God, i didn't see drona and kidnap! Saved so much of money!! :) And other languages i can't follow!!

@ Smita

0.5 for interval!! he...he..he... good one!! :)

Vinz aka Vinu said...

missing all tamil movies yaar..

soneeta said...

didnt c ne movies from dt m saved

Nautankey said...

Havent seen any of the movies in the list.And me too planning to write a review on roadside romeo and then the euphoria song i heard the same day :P

verbivore said...

.5 for the interval - LOL that was a good one! and hearty condolences for watching 'kidnap'!!!

mirrorcracked said...

Dude! Watch Quantum of Solace! :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Reema :

Thanks. That means, you saw both the Hindi movies. and even you survived !!!

@ Apar :

Please dont watch Sakkarakatti !!! I need to listen A sing Taxi Taxi the next time.

@ Smita :

U didnt watch Kidnap??? :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Reets :

Ok, please dont watch the rest of the movies. U would save a lot of money, my friend.

@ Sakhi :

yeah, Thank God !! Wait for these movies to come on TV. Im sure they would be on air soon.

@ Vinu :

Hmmm..U dont get a pirated version too? Try the online ones !! I should be sued for promoting all these!!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Soneeta :

How come you missed those Hindi movies? I thought you were ONE big movie buff !!!

@ Vinod :

A review on Roadside Romeo is ok, but plssssssssss not on the song. Maanathey vaangaadey ppaaa !!!!

@ Indu :

Gee, thanks, I needed those condolences.LOL. Did you watch Drona ?

@Nikhil :

Going for it on Monday morn buddy. Did you watch it? How was it?

Bedazzled said...

i didnt know something was on between srividya and kamal hassan :-O.. srividya shud be atleast 20 yrs older than him me thinks .. btw vimalsparadise sounds like some tirutu dvd library name..

Praddy said...

ahaa i think i got to see all these movies in a thirutu dvd, none of them are showing in theatres i believe!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Its been light years since I watched a desi flick! The last Malayalam movie I watched (after a great deal of recommendation from my Mother) was Tanmatra and I was floored by M's performance and the touching story! Among my fav Mallu flicks are Vidheyan, Kaliattam, & Pondhan Mada.... and I dont quite remember the name of the flick but the storyline skirts that of a boy being made into a saint! I love art flicks! They are deep and leave you with a sense of intensity!

Thanks for blogrolling me Vimmuu..... I've put you in my list of 'Blogs-in-arms'



verbivore said...

So much for introducing a friend!! grrr u better dnt meet me in person!! Now sire@@$@#^#^%#^ shall i give u a treat to edit ma name in ur blogroll and comment ..plss...""velukkaan thechathu paandayallo eeshwara""

Oxy said...

Hahaha I told u so... Didn't I? Btw, why no Karzzz... Pls do watch that also na.. or did u cover in a post while I was from blogging??

arvind1187 said...

LOl do u watch them .. :P
i never dare to watch the movie which have poor rating ..
i woudnt watch drona and sakkarakatti even if they give me original DVD :D

Bedazzled said...

saw u on ragamalika today. u were good. cant say teh same abt Gayathri.

Reets said...

Managed to watch sugar cube and trust me there was nothing sweet above the movie except its title I presume!!!Will post my comments as and when i see the rest in the list!!!!:). Guess no one can make such a sick movie in the near future, after watching the movie started disliking the songs also for the simple reason as to how they were picturised!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Bhargavi :

Yeah, there was a story and I think they even got engaged.

and my blog address reminds you of whaaaaat??..U taking your revenge, huh?

Btw, thanks for watching my show. But Im not planning to leave you guys that easily. will upload it here soon!!!

@ Praddy :

Y? y did you even watch all these in thiruttu DVD's??? LOL.

@ Rakesh 2 :

The monk movie is 'Deshadanam'; it has lovely songs, le? You could get to watch some of the desi flicks online. There are still some good ones coming out of our Indian film industry.LOL.

Thanks for making me a part of your blog, I am honored!!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Verbivorehere :

:( Done !!!

@ Oxy :

Yup, you warned me about Drona, but I couldnt find your take on Kidnap. and are you kidding me ? Himesh and me?? over my dead body, oxy boy !!!

@ Arvind :

Lucky you !! But you should watch all these squibs to know how bad movies are made. LOL.

@ Reets :

I told u; inspite of that??? You are one brave girl, I say!!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Oh yes! Deshadanam it is! What a wonderful movie! I liked the scores too!

Another of my favs is Sargam plus the scores the flick boasted!

Kerala is a different charm altogether! I regret not being able to learn Malayalam as much as I have wanted!

Deeply remembering Chamgampuzha's Ramanan, particularly Gramabhangi!

verbivore said...

:)) now thats a guuud boyy ... thnk uuu ;P