Oct 8, 2008

seven wonders.....

wonder what would Maneka Gandhi do when her house is filled with cockroaches, rats and worms ?
1) Buy another house
2) Call the pest control
3) Live with those creatures (well, arent those animals too????)

wonder where would Saif Ali Khan be today if Dil Chahta Hain never happened ?
1) With Amrita Singh still enjoying the glory of Yeh Dillagi and Main Khiladi Tu Anari.
2) Doing item numbers and participating in reality shows like Big Boss.
3) Waiting for Salman Khan to re-introduce him.

wonder why do certain words carry silent alphabets (for example, p in pneumonia, t in listen. aah well, there are so many !) ???
1) English is a zfunny language
2) People who coined them included their name initials
3) They actually arent silent, we are too lazy to pronounce the words with an extra alphabet.

wonder when would people find a cure for A.I.D.S. ?
1) Never
2) The sadistic Germans had already found it out in 1940's during the world war (Even Fanta was created in 1940 by the Germans) and they just wont reveal it.
3) A.I.D.S. who ???

wonder whom would Aiswarya Rai be dating now if she hadnt married Abhishek Bachchan?
1) Imran Khan
2) Himesh Reshammiya
3) Amitabh Bachchan

wonder if dinosaurs existed during Ramayana and Mahabharata?
1) No, they knew what was coming and so committed mass suicide.
2) The dinosaurs got misinterpreted as demons and rakshasas as centuries passed by.
3) They would have, if Michael Crichton tried his hands at the epics.

wonder how people would treat this post?
1) Crap, nonsense, waste of time
2) People read anything as long as it is in a blog.
3) See you in the comments section, yeyy!!


Vinz aka Vinu said...

menaka would prefer get some pet care takers..!!

AIDS who..??? :)

Aish would have been dating Ranbir..!! Hot and happening guy these days...>!!

and the last question, it assures me wierd guys are not an extinct species now also..[Got a company]


sakhi said...

if meneka call a pest control people, we will sue her!! :)

Will say anything about saif, "he is kinda cute"" :)

Aishwarya would sure be dating Amitabh! :)

A.I.D.S. who?????

allirekha said...

I wonder what kinda post is this :O

nimis540 said...


1.Live with them.If she doesn't i'll protest outside her home as she always rants and show off about animal rights..

2.Obviously with Amrita Singh.err,maybe doing some reality shows..Afterall,people with no much work spent their time judging talents..

3.They actually aren't silent..We supress their freedom of expression simply bcoz we find it hard to spell otherwise..

4.Germans are too sadisitic to reveal it..lol..

5.Amithab I guess..Afterall,its all matter of staying in lime light..

6.They would have existed..but Valmiki was a friend of theirs and didn't want to expose them for good sake,doubting people of killing them and making dinosur dum biriyani.

7.Bored people write such posts and even more bored people reply with essay-comments ;-)


Aaarti said...

Interesting questions!!!

1. Live with them... yep, they too are animals.. :d

2.With Amrita Singh still enjoying the glory of Yeh Dillagi and Main Khiladi Tu Anari.
and probably Doing item numbers and participating in reality shows like Big Boss.

3.we've just shunned those letters in specific words...:P

4. The sadistic Germans i bet!!;)

5.her dear Pa ofcourse.. hehe..Amitabh Bachchan!!Duh!!

6.Hmmm, am sure they did, but Valmiki bribed them to stay out of his story...;)

7. think u have too much time on ur hands.. but then, heck i do too, now that am sick n not working..hehehe.. so i got time to answer!!! :D

toodle doo now.... :D
back to my book!!:D

Reets said...

Maneka wud prefer to stay with them, they might be better than human beings...hehehe,Saif wud have been wid the kiddos ... doing some household work..Some alphabets are silent in certain words as they believe silence is golden...wonder when would people find a cure for A.I.D.S. ?still wondering????Aish cud have dated himesh bhai... he wud really keep her away from her future boyfriends with his howling...oops singing!!Guess dinosaurs did not wanna bug people by coming amidst mythological characters and lose out on their importance..This post is more of a wonder why kind!!!!

Varun said...

I wonder what were you thinking when you wrote this post :)

1. Maneka has to live with those creatures.

2. It would have been - who saif??

3. Shhh. Reason not meant to be disclosed

4. Only when a scientist gets it

5. Aishwarya would be dating Himesh. Paise wala wahi hai

6. guess 2 is right

7. 2 is right again :D

Veena said...

Nice topic..guess you are not going for work :). Anyways my answers-
1. 3) Live with those creatures (well, arent those animals too????), or my wildest thought -probably buy the neighbouring house(benami), make a tunnel from her house to the new one(put all sorts of pesticides in the tunnel so none enter her new house - NOTE JUST A PREVENTION :))..live in the new house. The outside world still thinking she lives with pests!!
2. 1) With Amrita Singh still enjoying the glory of Yeh Dillagi and Main Khiladi Tu Anari. AND
2) Doing item numbers and participating in reality shows like Big Boss.
-- jeevicha pogande..
3. 1) English is a zfunny language
:)..still we cannot live without it!!
4. 3) A.I.D.S. who ??? what??
5. Probably gone back to one of her ex's :).
6. 1) No, they knew what was coming and so committed mass suicide :).Bachaoooooo...
7. 2) People read anything as long as it is in a blog.hehehehehe..thats me!!

rakesh said...

cool topic dude!
Here goes my version...hehe

1. hmm..i think maneka gandhi will decide to stay with these creatures, even though she hates em....and thn whn she becomes old in the future.....
she will send back an "exterminator" robot frm the future to the present to kill those creatures,
This way maneka gandhi doesnt have to kill them directly & also she can blame it all on the exterminator robot frm the future!!
how wicked is tht?? buhaha

2. He would have changed his career to nasal singing like himesh and form a band with him...."The ooowwwling cousins"

3. Maybe the guy who invented the language didnt have teeth whn he coined those words

4. whn robots take over the world or u should ask the 'people'

5.Rajni Kanth dance saala!

6. Dude dinosaurs were actually mentioned it those epics..didnt u notice??
Tyrannosaurus rex, Brontosaurus, Pliesiosaurus...They r all asuras!!!!

For eg.
Tyrannosaurus rex is actually 'Tyrann-aasur' in sanskrit [ahem..]..he actually kept the REX coz it sounded cool! hehe

7. I am in the comments section treating ur post.

Oxy said...

Lol, Wonder in wot mood u were when u wrote this considering u r a teetotaler .. Nice idea though...

Well, Maneka will not just live with them but she will go onto make them inheritors of her wealth after her death.

Saif khan would not have happened AT ALL if Amrita would not have happened in his life..

silent alphabets? xare565What %^&^%exactly 5876876U %^%*&%mean ^*&^67here?

For Aids I go with ur option number 2.. thats absolutely right..

Aish would have been dating Emran Hashmi for sure.. U bet me.

Of course Dinosaurs existed? I feel so

and this article so bloody crappy that its awesome. :)

Reema said...

I wonder what made Vimal write this post?

1) Poonam's Avant Garde Bloggies Award category of most insane post
2) Conjunctivitis and too much free time
3) Testing his readers'loyalty for his blog

vimmuuu said...

@ Vinu :

Bloody hell! How did I forget Ranbir???

Buddy, I am always there.hehehe!!!

@ Sakhi :

I know, we will sue her!!!

Saif was cute till a couple of years back. Now he is monotonously cute !!!

@ Allirekha :

I wonder if this is a post itself :O

@ Nimmy :

Welcome to V-Lokam.

Now Iam a boring person.LOL.
But I wonder how a dinosaur dum biriyani would taste like???

vimmuuu said...

@ Aaarti :

Except for one or two, the rest have agreed on Amitabh Bachchan. Gosh ! We have understood Aish so well!!!

Btw, Get well soon.

@ Reets :

Ya, imagine Aish with Himesh. Even Salman wouldnt dare go near her. U are wondering too???

@ Varun :

I was in a trance, a trance caused by conjunctivitis while writing this.

and are u sure its #2 for q 7 ???LOL

@ Veena :

LOL, is Maneka that big a hypocrite???

Do you think any of Aishs ex would have accepted her??

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

Dude, how do you come up with these????

As far as I know, you are obsessed with Robots!!! Seeing a lot of sci-fi movies lately, huh?

and that was an excellent representation with the dinosaur names!!!

Ya, probably if Aish hadnt married Jr. B, I guess it shouldve been Rajnikanth.LOL.

@ Oxy :

Buddy, your answers simply rocked. I wonder what wouldve been the different questions if I had tagged everyone on this.

@ Reema :

1) What do you mean? I thought this was the most insane post around.
2) Could be, but now my eyes are paining like crazy.
3) Duh!!Whaaat?? LOL

harshasrisri said...


soneeta said...

1.wonder wht vimal wld do if he hd nt started this blog..
a)sit n wonder abt things(like,y he exist)
b)break hs body parts in gym
c)keep screaming on top of hs voice(singing)
2.wonder wht vimal wld do if he ws a dancer..
a)hehehehe ;)
b)will always stay fit n fine wthout regular contraction and expansion
c)will always take a video whn he dance n post it on d blog

Veena said...

Probably go back to Salman Bhai :)?? Btw I too did 'wonder' what made you write this blog :)...

vimmuuu said...

@ Harsha :

God, did I make you speechless?????

@ Soneeta :

See, I made even you wonder!!!

@ Veena :

Now, you too. Gosh ! I shouldve named this post as the 7 wonders!!!

vishesh said...

I think,you are thinking :)

AV said...

dude? soo many Qs? n many more answers too?? lol!

arvind1187 said...

LOL ..nice post man ..
saif ..well i hate him for no reason :D
i am sure dinosaurs would have surely been considered demons ..who knows ..the demons and rakshashas mahabharatas speak of might be one of them :P
anyways i dont believe mahabharata or ramayana existed.. Its all epics written to teach social and moral values ..

I wonder ...
y i dont post topics like these :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Vishesh :

You think Iam thinking? I wonder what made you think like that?? :D

@ Archana :

LOL. and you couldnt answer any of them???

@ Arvind :

Me too...me too think the same way about the dinos :)

I wonder what made you wonder that way? :D

myheadtrip said...

You really have way too much time on your hands!!!
Take care of your eyes and get well soon :)

indiapavan said...

How would people treat this post?
They would read anything if it is in a blog. :D

nimis540 said...

lol..i didn't mean that literally..you are not a boring person..If then,such a post would not have turned up :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Apar :

LOL. Thanks. I wonder why we always mention 'time in our hands'???

@ Pavan :

:D. But did you wonder too??

@ Nimmy :

Of course, I know you were kidding :D

Smita said...


I liked Reema's comment :D