Oct 6, 2008

Current Favs : Sep 2 - Oct 2

8 new entries this time. Harris Jayaraj comes with a superb album, Vaaranam Aayiram after a very very long time. Yeah, but he still reuses his tunes ! I am not a Himesh listener, but two songs of Karzzzzzzzzz (Sorry, if i mispelt it) were kind of good, Lut jaaoon and Dhoom; the latter sounds more like Main Jahaan Rahoon from Namastey London and would have sounded better if any other singer tried it (Wonder why the hindu activists are keeping quiet on Himesh's Hhharrrri Ommm). The surprise song this month was the one from Horn, Ok Pleassssssss(good god, whats with these names??), another aggressive number delivered by Sunidhi Chauha like Beedi from Omkara. I am sure Oxy would go ga-ga over this song, its got Rakhi Sawant in it.

1 Mundhinam Paartheney from Vaaranam Aayiram (Tamil)
2 Tum Ho from Rock On (Hindi)
3 Mit Jaaye(Rock version) from Kidnap (Hindi)
4 Mar Jawaan from Fashion (Hindi)
5 Ek Meetha Marz from Welcome To Sajjanpur (Hindi)
6 Nathani Uthaaro from Horn Ok Pleassssssssssss (Hindi)
7 Lut Jaaon from Karzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Hindi)
8 Taxi Taxi from Sakkarakatti (Tamil)
9 Drono Redux from Drona (Hindi)
10 Vaa Vaa En from Abhiyum Naanum (Tamil)


Smita said...

Aha!!! Heard very few songs from the list...

I have phases & currently am on to the phase of listening to oldies....

But u r right about Oxy n Rakhi! May God bless both of them ;)

Reema said...

"Lut Jaaon from Karzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Hindi)"

Are u sure there isnt one more z in it? LOL :D

Vinz aka Vinu said...

i didnt even feel like listening to Karz songs...i cant stand the thought of that guy..!!

rest all are good songs, no doubt.!!


rakesh said...

i am really emabarassed to say this..but i kinda liked "lut jaavu" eventhough i hate himesh reshammiya to the core!!...i am also an official member of the himesh reshammiya hate club in orkut!
..but this particular song i liked coz of its beats..i heard this song while i was travelling in a car and the beats were awesome!

speaking abt karzzz .. i HATE tht "tandoori song"!!!!

the most irritating thing abt tht song is tht i keep humming tht nowadays eventhough i hate it..i tried scrapping my tongue..but nooo use..its not goin!!! ITS freaking me out..

anyway i havent listened to all those other songs..will try to catch up with those songs later..

Oxy said...

Nathani Utaaro in the list.. What's wrong with you?

Ok, Drona Redux.. seriously what's wrong with you?

Lut Jaoon??? Alright, Get Well Soon:)

Bhargavi said...

something's wrong with the blog only. Not able to log in..nyways will mail you regd the meet. havent heard most songs in the list, So i'll comment after i have heard them.

soneeta said...

i heard d songs of karzzzzzzzzz much b4 ur top 10 list came n i ws waiting to see whether himesh is going to take a place in ur list.i somehw liked karzzzz songs ;)

Varun said...

2 - Beautiful Number
3 - It has found its way into my play list
9 - I like the way Sunidhi has sung this song

Karzzzz - zzzzzz :)

I don't understand Tamil. I'll surely listen to other Hindi songs in your list.

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

Ya, let god alone bless them. But did u read his comment, he didnt like that song!!!!

@ Reems :

Oh crap, I missed one z, na? I hope the makers wont sue me!!!

@ Vinu :

I never used to listen to his too. the last album of his in Hindi I listened was Namastey London. But do listen to Lut jaaon, u might end up liking it in the second listening.

@ Rakesh :

Its with that same embarassment I had put Himesh in this list. That guy used to be my fav until he was just a music director. Ever since he started howling...aaah cant even stand it!!! Tha Tha Tha Tandoori Nights...hehehe.

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

U didnt like Nathani Utaaro?? Dude, Rakhi Sawant!!!!

Lut jaaon (covering my face with disgust), I kinda liked it.

Btw, I have sent you a mail, it got bounced saying you were on vacation!!!!

@ Bhargavi :

U cant log in??? Its like not letting you inside your own home!! But how did both your posts disappear??? Anyway, will wait for your reply on the meet.

@ Soneeta :

Yeah! Yeah! Himesh at last figured on the list. Dasavatharam is an exception. But I liked only two songs of Karzzzzzzzzzz.

@ Varun :

Do listen and let me know. Did you get my mail on the meet???

bhargavi said...

not just 2 .. 7-8 of my posts are gone. I ran copyscape and found one post in some obscure american site. nyways, i think its a good reason to move to wordpress..

Oxy said...

Boy, I love Rakhi, that doesn't mean I like the song she dances on.. My love for her is beyond songs and dances.. :):)

Oh, yes I had put out of office as I was indeed on vacation for 5 days... I am back but forgot to disable my out of office... will do now....pls send the mail again..

Oxy said...

Boy, Checked and replied.. :)

Aaarti said...

I've been hearing rave reviews about Varanam Ayiram.. waitin to watch the movie....

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the lists of songs.. i am normally not up to date with the new songs specially the good one..a list like this helps a lot..
but yea taxi taxi is awesome ;)

Varun said...

I have replied too.

vimmuuu said...

@ Bhargavi :

Hmm..wordpress is a lot more user friendly. I am so much in love with this layout of my blog that it doesnt let me move to wordpress.

@ Oxy :

U rnt a tru fan. Look at Smita; I am sure she must be having a DVD of Saawan. U dont remember, Salman with long hair...does it hit now?

@ Aaarti :

Welcome to V-Lokam.

Me too. I love all Gowtham Menon movies, except Minnale. Btw, did you listen to songs from VA ?

@ Arvind :

Thats the reason why I started this series long back. Also, after 20 years, this lists would bring in a lot of memories :)

@ Varun :

Yup. Saw the mail.

Praddy said...

ah for me the order of favo would be

2,8,9,1 and i skip the rest :)

Taxi Taxi rocks btw :)

Anonymous said...

Not even a single Malayalam song...moshamayii poyi vayanghara moshamayi poyii!!! :P

Aaarti said...

Why dint u like Minnale? i actually enjoyed it, atleast bits of it!!:D

nope, not heard any songs from VA,my friend has...:(( u?

Reeta said...

Hey.... have actually managed to hear only the one by the Musical legend ARR, Thanks for keeping me updating on whats worth hearing off late, will check on those and reserve mey comments for later!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Praddy :

Welcome to V-Lokam. You havnt left a link to go through your blog man!

yup, Taxi Taxi rocks, but have you seen the movie???

@ Allirekha :

What to do? Malayalam songs have become that pathetic to listen even once.

@ Aaarti :

Yeah! I might be the only soul who didnt like Minnale.

Of course, I heard VA songs, thats why they figure in the list.

@ Reets :

Great. Do listen and tell me how the songs are.

Rekha said...

n yeah the Taxi taxi .... I just luv it!!