Oct 24, 2008

The 5k Milestone

Dear Visitors and Readers (they are different!),

This is to inform you that I have successfully crossed the 5000 visitors milestone on 22nd this month. The counter was placed on Dec 18th 2007 when my boss’ suggested me to do so (I do have a very encouraging boss). It took exactly 3 months ( March 18th ‘08) to reach 1000; what a struggle, huh ? LOL. After March, I got
introduced to this universe called blogosphere through Poonam and then after a series of ‘You comment in mine-only then I comment in yours’ sessions with
fellow bloggers, the counter in V-Lokam finally started moving. I still remember those days (not long back though) when I used to bug my colleagues through internal chat and a couple of close friends through orkut / sms /mails with URLs to my posts. Yeah, I was that desperate, LOL !!! Today, I am a happy blogger with quite a few regulars but at the same time, I also know that V-Lokam has still a long way to go in terms of its visitors and the posts. Nevertheless, even this achievement wouldn’t have been possible without you people and I take this opportunity to thank all of you, it seriously means a lot to me when I meet you guys here.

and now its time for a cliché statement, “ Though I have received a couple of valuable awards, what matters to me the most is when someone leaves their impression here
after visiting. So please, do comment and keep V-Lokam happier.”

Last but not the least, I would like to mention about a wonderful human being who kept a track of the number of visits in V-Lokam. Though I never bothered to know my visitor stats, she kept a close eye on the counter daily- literally!!! She would inform me whenever I cross the 1000’s and even take screenshots to send it across to me. Now how sweet is that !!
Thanks a lot Reeta a.k.a Reets. Your presence, here, has inspired me a lot and
has also been of great encouragement to me. And for the same reason, I dedicate
this post of V-Lokam to you. I have also enclosed all the screenshots that you
had sent me. Thanks once again.

Warm Regards,
Vimal Vijayan (Vimmuuu),

The screenshots taken by Reeta :





and finally 5000 !!!


Oxy said...

I am visitor number 5062. Well, what do I say boy!!! Just keep rocking.. !!!

YINONH said...

Hi you have very beautiful blog it's possible to read in my blog:



ramya said...

heheheh...the post about me helped you garner 3000 visitors!!!!yippeeee..yay......(doin a little war dance here)

Reema said...

"I also know that V-Lokam has still a long way to go in terms of its visitors and the posts."

Move to Wordpress. :) By this time on WP u would have got 10000 hits atleast. In 4 months I got 28000+ hits!
Congrats!! Blog on!

Reets said...

Great to see v lokam reach 5000, and now by the time i am posting this comment its already proceeding towards its next landmark.The count is 5101.Well Thanks much for dedicating this post to me and it really means a lot. If I have gone ahead and taken the screenshots ,it really means thats its not only ur blog, I have considered it as our blog.I really love the stuff written here and admire ur writing skills and creativity. Wanna see v lokam hit 10000 soon!!Its been mere telepathy or the sixth sense, that i have managed to get the screenshots when the count was 1000,2000,.....etc...
Hope many more people get the privilege to read ur posts.... keep it up...u and ur post simply rock!!:)

Smita said...

:D Visitor No 5102 and a reader a well :)

Congrats for crossing 5k and trust me it has been a pleasure to be a regular reader of ur blog :) and that was so sweet of Reets :)

Poonam Sharma said...

You may have been introduced to new people hrough me, but you made it through them because they genuinely liked your blog. Its hard to sustain a reader who comes back. And you ahve that. Other kind of visiters are thsoe who come to your blog through searches. So write about most searched subjects to get mroe such visiters. )

and that was really sweet of reets to taek screenshots. :)

Nautankey said...

Wow Clap clap clap...vimmu rocks :)

soneeta said...

hmm..reaching new hights.good.keep it up

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Many Congrats Vimal and wishing you many 1000s more in the days to come!

And yes, its some fortune to have a good boss!!!! A luxury rather that so many under-privileged (me included) cannot afford!!!



verbivorehere said...

Wow thats a great achievement. I guess Im in that first stage of yours that you have mentioned. And lemme tell you have encouraged me by constantly visiting and positively commenting! So Congrats and Thanks! ;)

rakesh said...

Congratulations Bro & V-Lokam!!

Keep em' coming!!

I hope V-Lokam gets even more visitors n readers in the future!!....................
even visitors frm outer space!!


nimis540 said...

Cool..Congrats :)

Keep writing..I'll always remai your loyal reader ..lol....Good day


Veena(Chech) said...

I wouldn't count myself as visitor to uer blog..I am a regular addict. I am sure to visit it everyday :)..

Veena(Chech) said...

regular reader and addict I meant :)..

Varun said...

Reader and Vistor 5132 :)

Congratulations. It's been pleasure knowing you.

Keep blogging and keep rocking with your songs :)

Anonymous said...

hey vimmuuu
i know how happy u would b
reets great job da :)

Vijay Shankar said...

Hey Mr.Double'M'Triple'U'

CONGRATS!!.. Keep it up. I knew you could do it.. I want you to reach better heights...

(OOPS.. I did not want to sound like a boss.. couldnt help it though !!)

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

Thanks oxy boy !!!

@ Yinoh :

Welcome to V-Lokam.

Even I had a glimpse of your blog and it looks impressive too.

@ Ramya :

errr....it didnt garner because of that post, but yes, looking at the stats, I started getting a lot of them to comment here only after that post !! ok, continue your war dance....

@ Reema :

Im in love with my current template and so unless I get the same one in wordpress, I would never move. Thanks for inviting me over.

@ Reets :

Oh god, I think its hi-time you started your blog too. What say ?
Thanks a lot Reeta.

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

Thanks a lot for the words.

@ Poonam :

Thanks a lot for the words. Its nice to see you here after a very loooong time.

@ Vinod :

Can I clap along with ya? ;). Thanks buddy.

@ Soneeta :

Thanks a lot Soneeta.

@ Rakesh 2 :

Thanks buddy.

I am lucky to have such an understanding boss. and he is a one of my good critic too.

vimmuuu said...

@ Verbivorehere :

Thanks a lot for the words. Like Poonam said, if I had come back to your blog again and again, it means that your blog deserves to be appreciated.

@ Rakesh :

Thanks buddy for the words.

But tell me ,why are you so obsessed with robots and aliens ;) ????

@ Nimmy :

Thanks a lot Nimmy. Those words were really sweet.

@ Veena (chechi) :

Thanks a lot chechi. Its nice to know that V-Lokam is one of your addictions. I am so haaaapyyyy!!!!

@ Varun :

Thanks a lot man. 'Its been pleasure knowing you'..I thot that was said when people part. Dont leave me, nahhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. LOL.

@ Anonymous :

Thanks a lot, I am sure you have a better name than anonymous.

@ Vijay (Boss) :

Thanks a lot Vijay. With encouragement from people like you, I am sure I would never let myself go down.

and its ok, if you sounded boss, that would keep me working on my toes ;)

Praddy said...

wow awesome dude! and haan will take the tag soon!

Avionic Spanker said...

Congrats, buddy .. 5k is a significant milestone :)

Aiswaryavan Sankaran said...

It all started with a 1000 - when my face appeared there... this is what we call in malayalam -'Aiswaryam' :-D

Sriju said...

Kudos Vimmmuu buddy.
Wonderful to see your CREATIVITY scaling new heights.

keep going !!


arvind1187 said...

wow ..congratz dude. ..
may this diwali bring many many many more visitors each day .. :D
keep rocking...i just love ur theme ..

AV said...

well.. this is all i hav to say!!

Vinz aka Vinu said...

congrats for ur feet..!!hope u can see a 5000000 figure too..!!


vimmuuu said...

@ Praddy :

Thanks man, and ya, do it soon.

@ Avionic Spanker :

Thanks man. How come you havent written anythng in a while now?

@ Sujith :

The names are getting weirder, so you better start commenting with your own name.LOL.

Ninte post inte mele veroru post undaayirunnadaa aa samayathu!!!

@ Sriju :

Welcome to V-lokam !!!

Thanksssssssssssss da. I know you visit here often, but this is your first comment. Please encourage by commenting da.

vimmuuu said...

@ Arvind :

Thanks a lot for the words.

@ Archana :

WOW.Thanks a lot Archana.

@ Vinu :

Thanks a lot for the words.

Varun said...

Haha... Is that so!? Don't worry. I am not leaving you...

myheadtrip said...

applause applause!! move to wordpress, you will get more viewership :D

Aaarti said...

Nice!! :)

So, do they all get the sms to watch 9am show on sunday??hehehe..[couldnt resist that one... just kidding!!]

have a lovely Deepavali!!:)

oops, remembered ur tag is due.. hitting the scan button now...:)

Sujith Krishnan said...

He he... Makane, you are soon to appear in my blog as well - http://man-of-dreams.blogspot.com

Sujith Krishnan said...

He he... Makane, you are soon to appear in my blog as well - http://man-of-dreams.blogspot.com

grumblings said...

visitor and reader as well
cool that you reached this mark..

harshasrisri said...

No.5045 - Sir, Yes sir!
already 400-odd visits since u started the celebration! Congrats dude.
and coming to talk abt screen shots, i'm a little more than excited to ask you to see my new post here!
I would be proud to have your impression on this post too... ;)

PS: Dude! ur 1st show was quite good. the best part was when u said that u dint have any formal music training, which was as good a shocker to me as much as to the host.
the Mungaru Maleye song was a hit among my close frnz too... i now have it on my mobile!
Do you have a repeat telecast of the show anytime? because i have GATE classes on sundays! :(

harshasrisri said...

It was 5405 and not 5045... :P

vimmuuu said...

@ Varun :

I am releived :D

@ Apar :

Thanks a lot ABarna.but no - no to wordpress, I am happy in my Lokam :D

@ Aaarti :

Lol. I dint sms anyone after that. But inspite of all that hungama during our meet, did you watch it?

yeah! whers the tag ???

@ Sujith :

Your blog address isnt working, man!

@ Harsha :

Thanks Suuuu....
I saw your post the day you published it, cudnt comment due to technical reasons.

You have my song in your mobile? Wooow...thanks dude!!! God alone save your mobile :D

Try noticing the marquee yaar(Hmmph, no one does that I guess!), it tells about the repeat telecast :D

Sujith Krishnan said...

Dude, the new address is:


Bedazzled said...

hey Congrats ..

indiapavan said...

Hits don't mean much. Don't let them worry you too much. You keep writing and we keep reading. :D