Jun 7, 2008

Small is Beautiful - 2

The second version of my tiny reviews. I am truly enjoying this more than the regular big ones. Imagine me wasting time for movies like Tashan, Kuruvi, etc.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini(Who are u, oh seductress?)– Directed by debut director Jawahar and scripted by Selva Ragahavan, this movie is a remake (Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhule Verule, starring Venkatesh and Trisha) of the latters directional debut in Tollywood. The story at no point in the movie is believable and goes on in a very predictable way. Yet the scenes that show the father-son relationship is noteworthy. Check out the scene where Dhanush informs his friends about his fathers demise; powerful. The cast comes out with good performances, but there is absolutely no chemistry between the lead pair. Watchable. Rating 2.5/5

Santhosh Subramaniam(That’s a name, no translation)– Another Telugu remake (Bommarillu, starring Siddharth and Genelia) to hit the screen in the same month. A saccharine sweet family concept wonderful performances from Genelia, Prakash Raj and Jeyam Ravi. The movie doesn’t drag at any instance, but there are a few cliché scenes at the end. The remake doesn’t end here, its being remade in Bollywood under Boney Kapoors production house starring Harman and once again Genelia. One of the best feel good movies to have released in Kollywood in recent times. Recommended. Rating 3.5 / 5.

Tashan(Style, Attitude, Whatever!)- I already wasted 2+ hrs watching this. Cant waste anymore. Strictly avoidable. Rating 1/5 (1 for Akshay Kumar and the songs).

Nepali(Again, self explanatory)- Though the basic plot offers nothing new, the story telling is unique; three different phases in a persons life coincides with a fourth one. Bharath comes in four different makeovers and is simply brilliant in all of them. The climax is different from what we usually see in these kinds of movies and for a change and the whole police investigation looked very convincing. Watchable; but not advisable for children due to violence. Rating 3 /5.

Kuruvi(Sparrow)- One of the most pathetic movies to have come this year from Kollywood. Much was expected from the Dharani-Vidyasagar-Vijay-Trisha combination. Vidyasagar did a good job in the music department whereas director Dharani spoiled his reputation with this movie. Vijay should take up acting seriously and Trisha should stop acting. Strictly avoidable. Rating 1/5 (1 for the songs and its picturisation).

Bhram(Illusion)- The promos were misleading and didn’t want me to approach as I thought it was another skin flick. Then the other reviews came out with misleading reports like good thriller, etc. Except for certain scenes that keep you hooked, this is also a waste of time. Dino Moreo proves again that he is a bad actor, but Milind Soman takes the cake this time for his restrained performance. New comer Sheetal Menon has nothing to do except look like a devastated drug addict throughout the movie. Avoidable. Rating 2/5.

Arai en 305il Kadavul(God in Room no.305)– An out of the box thinking for a script; god (brilliantly portrayed by Prakash Raj) comes down to earth to help two youngsters (played by comedians Santhanam and Ganja Karuppu) who are struggling in their life. The duo then steals a gadget that gives god the power to control the universe, which makes the god a common man. There are baseless rumours that this movie is a rip off of Bruce Almighty. The similarity lies only in the basic premise of God coming down to earth The second half of the movie at various points is a let down with too much of preaching and should have been a lot tighter; it looks as if the director and the scriptwriter lost interest in the movie. Watchable for a good time pass. Rating 3/5.


Avid Reader of your Blog said...

Hello Vimal,
Out of the movies for which u have given reviews. I have watched only yaradee ni Mohini and
Santosh Subramaniam. I totally agree wid u regarding the story line in yaradee ni mohini.... Santhosh Subramaniam was meant to be family entertainer.. just 2hrs.45 mins of relaxation.... no tension.... just a sweet story--where boy meet girl kinds stuff.. As for Kuruvi I had decided that I wud never watch the movie even if I was given free tickets... the promos were irritating and so are Trisha's attires in all the songs in the movies....Keep these reviews coming they wud prevent people like me from resorting to Anacins and Saridons...heehhe

soneeta said...

so,over all none of the movies r good except Santhosh Subramaniam.i have also watched all the movies except nepali and have the same opinion.Santhosh Subramaniam ws a good one after long long time.i have seen the telugu version of it and both have got thr own charm.but TASHAN,it doesnt even dserve dt 1point.its really so bad.songs r good but juz ti hear.not good enough to see also.

Poonam Sharma said...

I have watched none of these movies. :(

Poonam Sharma said...

hey, I also tagged here: http://alchemistpoonam.wordpress.com/2008/06/12/the-expansionist-meme/

Another I thought this shocking account would interest you: http://myinjimanga.blogspot.com/2008/06/stealing-threat-cyber-stalking-abuse.html

vimmuuu said...

@ avid reader...(I am sure you have a shorter name, y dont u try that next time? LOL) :
Thanks. will keep this coming. As far as Kuruviis concerned, the trailors looked promising, atleast better than tomorrows release, Dasavataram. But thats it. I could watch the trailor for 3 hrs at a stretch than this movie. Its just the mid-year, and looking at the current state of movies from across the industry, we all need to subscribe to anacins and Saridons.hehehe.

@ soneeta :
Personally, I liked only Santhosh subramaninam and Nepali in this lot. Tried to get the telugu version of both S.S. and Y.N.M., couldnt get it. One of these days, I will. Tashan looked promising only for the first five minutes !

@ poonam :
There was only Tashan and Bhram which you could watch out of these. Consider yourself to be lucky to have missed those,especially Tashan.

Thanks for that link. I need to make a mention about that nasty incident here too.

Thanks for the meme. Will do it soon although some of them dont apply to me at all :)

Anonymous said...

well........even yaarudi odini is a copy of a telugu movie starring venkatesh...as u said it is watchable..
and abt santhosh subramaniyam...well i never liked jayam ravi....though i have seen the movie in telugu its quite fantastic..
kuruvi ....a dissapointment..
other movie i am yet to wtch..
anywyas good reviews.

vimmuuu said...

@ arvind1187 :
Thanks a lot for dropping by. The wierd fact was that both Telugu remakes arrived at the theatres at the same time and both became hits at the box office. Please stay away from Kuruvi. If you ask me, those are the kind of movies that deserve to be watched on Thiruttu Cd's.

Anonymous said...

ha ha .but i wont dare to watch that even in thriuttu VCD..
may before comedy i might just spare some time.. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the way you've presented your music reviews and movie verdicts. Hmm looks like you've got good ear for music.I like music too...but my restriction is till Hindi as I can't understand any other regional language...I love Saawariya's music too-glad theres someone else who does too.my favorite is the title track,yoon shabnami and thode badmash! Check this out -http://mindflirting.wordpress.com/2007/10/09/saawariya-the-music-review/
Take care....count me as regular for your musical and movie bites!

Anonymous said...

Sorry the url got truncated...here it is again-


vimmuuu said...

@ arvind1187:
u r right..they shud play it in jails to torture :)

@ mindflirting :
i had already been there when i was visiting your blog. I simply loved the songs of Saawariya.

Btw, you could listen to my songs here in this blog or in V-mphony (the link you could find in the home page). I would appreciate if you could tell me how they were!!!