Jun 5, 2008

Coincidences,Clarifications and a Web burglary

After writing the post “I am a murderer” last week, I happened to check my visitor status today. To my shock, I found that some one has searched in answers.com for “ I am a murderer !” and has landed up here. Well, the shock didn’t end there. I was having a look at the search results from answers.com and then I got an even bigger jolt. I found a similar article with the same title and almost similar lines in the beginning and that too in blogger/blogspot. The article was written way back in 2007 and the author hasn’t written anything after 2007.


Now for my clarification; I seriously never had any idea, such a thing was there in the net. I googled the same title and it’s the first search result in google and mine isn’t there at all. Now I understand how others feel when they come up with explanations of such coincidences; I always used to condemn such statements. I again reiterate that my post was strictly mine; something that had happened in my life and all this is purely coincidental. I would be changing the title soon after this is posted. The only relieving part is that I, and not others found this; for I would have been succumbed to a lot of unnecessary questions. All I can say is someone somewhere is thinking just like me ! But I must admit, I feel horrible now.

Something similar happened to me last week too. I found an article in indiatimes.com similar to one of the posts here. I posted an article titled “Start, Action, Cut-Bollywood” on the 16th of May and the indiatimes article came on the 28th of May. However, the similarity ends with a small portion of my post. But the weird thing is that some of the words used are similar too. Now, taking the above situation of mine, I guess, this could also be could also be coincidental. Atleast, I don’t have a voice now about inspirations and plagiarism.

Check out the links :



The actual intention of this post was to campaign against a particular ‘free’ online storage company. Poonam of Visceral Observations had to be a victim of online robbery recently. She had stored some of her documents in a website called Mediamax(which had underwent a name change before and after her storage) because they offered free online storage capacity worth 25 GB to every user. Unfortunately when she tried to log in later to upload/retrieve her files, the same people asked her to pay money for her to even access them. Now how atrocious is that? (It, however, reminded me of Khosla Ka Ghosla movie; one has to pay money to get back their belongings!!!) Again, its not the issue of money here, its about the integrity. They could have atleast informed her so that necessary arrangements could have been done. A detailed version of this incident can be found in her blog :


It would be appreciable if this petition against MediaMax is signed.


Poonam Sharma said...

Vimal, there are thousands of splogs (spam blogs) that eke out their living out of other people's content. I flagged that blog. YOU too, do that.

Perhaps blogger punishes it.

Thank you for writing about Mediamax story. And correct the name of the company in the post, it is MediaMax and not MegaMax. It is a typo, I guess.

Poonam Sharma said...

Also, put creative commons license on your blog. It is legal, provides you with legal rights of your content. I have put it in my blog sidebar too. Read here: http://alchemistpoonam.wordpress.com/2007/10/01/creative-common-ed-my-blog/

Poonam Sharma said...

Use this link for Creative Commons: http://creativecommons.org/license/

vimmuuu said...

@ poonam:

Oh god...ideally, the other person came up with that post first. Like I mentioned, his article came way back in 2007. If someone has to be flagged, it should be me. But I didnt know such a thing existed before and I feel so horrible and miserable now :(

and yes, that was a typo,sorry, corrected it now.

and also thanks for the links.

untouchable said...

Hi I could see your annoyance after finding my blog entry with the same title as yours.
But I guess there was no reason to get disturbed, infact you should have laughed after finding there is another guy who thinks alike, think of a situation, you FIND your lost twin bro in Kumbh Ka Mela :)
But I feel pity on this gal Poonam, there are people who jump to conclusion and act without giving a good thinking, these are the worst creatures in our society. You think of any issue and you would find people doing the same. Sorry Poonam for big words :) I am in the process of analysing the question, Who is John Galt?? :)

Poonam said...

Well, I had misunderstood like any other who skims through blog in hurry. But that was it. (FYI, it was cleared then and there with Vimal's comment.)For that, spare me your pity.

As for John Galt, I am incurious sort, couldn't care less who is he. :)

Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

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