Jun 12, 2008

An incident of Web abuse

It was just a few weeks back that I had posted on thefts and burglaries happening over the web. Thanks to Poonam, I came across another bizarre incident on the web. and when I say bizarre, I mean bizarre at its heights.

There are a lot of illegal blogs that gets credited by uploading pictures and posts from someone else' blogs. Recently, there was a leading newspaper who stole a pic from a well maintained blog. Likewise, some shitty website gets credited by stealing posts from other bloggers and uploading it in their website. When this was pointed out in a very well mannered way by 'injipennu', she got abused and threatened by the staffs of that particular website. Further investigations into this whole thing brought to light that the very same goons also maintained a couple of porn sites and also a matrimonial portal. To top it all, they donate some amount to a charity organisation !!! Now how shady is all this ? They have already damaged the reputation of 'injipennu' by misusing her name in all their horrible websites. and somewhere in the middle of all these abusings, a supposedly well mannered person drops in and tries to bring in peace. The issue would have ended if they had apologised for their kleptomaniac acts after 'injipennu' had sent her first mail. Instead, she was abused and was provocated for her second mail which infact was decent too. Following that, it was a nightmare for her. The fight is still on and I must admit 'injipennu' had been brave all these while.

The websites, groups and goons involved : kerals.com(the site which stole others creativity), sreela.com and masalamax.com (the porn sites), all run by the Anashwara group, Seva chakkara orphanage(the charity organisation managed by Seva chakkara samajam), Shiva Kumar(the pervert and the abuser), Satya(the supposedly good person), POP (some psychopath who claims to do anything for Shiva Kumar) and less prominent ones like Chris Chmiel, Ajay Bakshi, Avinash Kottaarakara, Vishnu.

Please refer the below link for the entire story. Its pretty long but please go through it :



Reets said...

hi Vimmuuu,
Just read the article and it seems really scary. Thanks a lot for bringing in this piece of information to our notice.. It is informative and keeps us posted as to the insecurities related to dealing with the world wide web's certain sites.

vimmuuu said...

@ Reets:
I guess just being careful on what you write , most importantly where you write and when you post your snaps on the net would help you in getting into any of those insecurities.