Jul 10, 2009

Phew !!!!!

Thanks you guys !!!!

It was just one of those lousy days and I somehow wanted to bring out the frustration in me. Im really sorry to have made you guys go through all that torture in the name of a post, but I am glad that there a lot of them out there whom I havnt even met to bank on. That post was so not me; atleast I don’t reveal my real problems to even the closest of my friends that easily. There were quite a few reasons for all those outburts, but then again, I prefer keeping it to myself rather than ranting about it here and making this space even more depressing. And I had already received comments from various corners that I wear my heart on my sleeve, so zipping my mouth. LOL. Yesterday, somehow I couldn’t control any longer and some of the issues just came out; more like a volcanic eruption and guess what, I felt a lot relieved the moment I hit the publish button for that post. Now thanks to you guys, I am feeling much much better now. And frankly speaking, some of those statements in that post don’t make sense to me also now. LOL.

I am using this forum to reply to all your comments. I might not do justice in replying to your comments in depth and that’s only because I really don’t want to go through all those ‘atyachaars’ of mine once again.

Badz : Awwwwww, thank you !!!!

Solilo : LOL, it is ! I hope I won’t do this atyachaar again !

Pixie : Thanks a lot !!!

OG : Nothing happened aliyaaa. Reasons…hmmm….there are so many, but don’t worry, Im all ok now.

Bhargavi : Exactly, one of those stupid days !

Rakesh 2 : Yeah, you are right ! I guess I just started taking Mr. Life seriously. LOL.

Sakhi : No one likes to admit it, but it’s a fact !

Soneeta : The world is surely going to end. Look at the length of your comment, and that too two !!! LOL. And yes, its time you started your own blog ! C’mon, it will be fun.

Aaarti : Yup, one of ‘those’ days .

Swaram : LOL, moral support, huh? That’s a good one. I should try that !!

EISI : Im glad that I made you think. LOL, jus kidding !

Nautankey : You are accusing me of stealing your thoughts, how dare you !!LOL ! Is it the similar phase that we are going through that’s making us think on the same lines???? Dude, I can sleep to forget things easily, why should I give up myself to addictions?? Hehehe.

Ashwathy : You were expecting a 'Why-me' post from ME ??? But then again, Why me???? LOL.
“that happens when u let ur heart rule ur head” – some of them say I don’t have a brain (remember Smitas previous post?) and some of them claim that I am heartless. Now, which category do I fall under !!! LOL
“we do that all the time by coming to ur blog :D today is no different!!!! Hehehe” – finally someones telling the truth. LOL.

Dhiren : Yeah, whats happening to everyone ! I guess too much of spare time that’s making everyone think a lot ! :D

Rakesh : With you around, I wouldn’t be surprised if people had such status messages. You know you are a big pain when it comes to chatting, right? LOL.

I guess you didn’t understand the logic behind the curry leaves. LOL. Use and throw, buddy !

Varunavi : Bloody Bedsheets, aren’t they ???

Varun : LOL @ the recharge card. That is smart ! and yeah, you are right, we should ping the ones who have DND. LOL. Disgusting roomies you have ! LOL. And what made me write this? Im curious too !! LOL

Veena chechi : Yeah, just those days when we feel all dejected ! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee ( see? Im smiling now !!! )

Verbivorehere : Too many reasons, but now I am ok.

Anonymous : If I always made sense, this post wouldn’t have come up. LOL. Anyway, I don’t like taking U-turns because I always preferred listening to my head instead of mind.

Shraddha : Yeah, all of us and at most of the times.

Nikhil : Welcome back after a long time. I guess, now that the work on your book is over, you have a lot of spare time in visiting other blogs. LOL. And dude seriously, something happened to me yesterday! :D

Smitha : Yeah, it doesn’t have that trademark, you are right !

Vee: You are right Oxy boyy. We should start thinking about ourselves first ! People might call us self centred, but these days, that’s the only way to find happiness ! unfortunately, its not happening that way. LOL.

Badz : LOL, you devil !!!! Shhhhhhh….will ya ???? :D :D

Deeps : Exactly, just go with flow. We shouldn’t be thinking too much, isn’t it ?

Reema : Yup, everything is getting better now !

Indyeah : I loved the optimism that you brought in to each of the pessimistic statement that I made. But how is life being fair to a person who is handicapped/crippled since birth ? Most of them end up at the streets ! When would such a person get a turn around in life ?
And Eeeeeeeeeeeeee (Im smiling, see?)

Amit : Hmmmm…In a way yes, but quite not what I meant.

Crafty : I second Ashwathy here. You deserve the best comment award for this post !!! and you have made your points clear in just a few words. LOL.
Vimmuuu sheepishly admits that it was him and no imposter ! but thanks for breaking into my house that way! I need to mend my door and get new furnitures now! Sigh !!


Badz said...

Me first. :-P

Badz said...

Glad to the the old Vimmuuu back. :-)

Good to hear you're back to your old self again.


Badz said...

And Vimmuuu. Will I what??

just call me 'A' said...

....and that's why a blog exist so that you can bang your head against it, rant it all out and feel relieved. we are all allowed moments of frustration......and we're all allowed to have a place to rant and vent and blow and sigh. you should not feel bad for letting it out.....and this is your personal space...you have the right to vent here :)

Ordinary Guy said...

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P

Reema said...

glad to hear everything is ok now. ((hugs))

Pixie said...

yay! :)
The Vimmu we know and have come to love is bacck! :)

Life's like that sometimes, throws a googly when you least expect it!
But, glad to know you are alright now.
Optimism, hope and faith keep us going :)


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Good that you wrote it out and theres no need to feel bad!!!! #1, What are friends for? #2, Who is a better man, than the one who speaks his mind?

Have a good weekend!

Ashwathy said...

welcome back to ur old self!! :-)

u just learnt a nice lesson, isnt it? seen friends are good but unseen friends are better :-)

as for the comment about being brainless or heartless, dont make me answer it!!! :D hehehe

eye-in-sty-in said...

now i have a headache!!

Swaram said...

Yay! Vimmuu is back :)

And I just said that thing abt 'moral support' to make the situation lighter ;) Now, plz nt to consider me weird n stop visiting my blog okie :P

Smita said...

Hmmm...Yesterday i tried commenting on that post 'thrice' but either the site won't & twice the system restarted so finally gave up. As far ranting or pouring the frustration out is concerned why give it so much thought? We all have our good & bad days. You know what crazy mood i was in yesterday evening but today morning when i woke up i was in a strange mood. I was like i won't speak to any of my friends for few days they do not value me but that mood too passed out :-) so don't fret too much. Btw i now understand what you really meant by curry leaves :-) chill dude be happy, let problems take their own course and start sharing your problems with friends. It helps!

Bedazzled said...

don't apologise for feeling how u feel .. its u r space !

hitch writer said...

dude... Wordpress mein shift hone ka kya lega ???

Veena Chech said...

Hello dear, yes I could see the sime :). Nice to know that you are feeling much better now. Its always nice to shed out uer feeling(s) once in a while even though u really don't want to. May thats how human metabolism works..otherwise u might become crazy keeping all those feelings to uerself :)..so take it easy, and try to pour out uer feelings once in a while to someone.U do feel dejected some days, but the very next day u feel foolish thinking about what all you said about the people without whom u are nothing :)..Hmm..lot of philosophy haan :)..Chalo take care and as said " Smile, even if it's a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not knowing how to smile."!!
Veena Chech..

Indyeah said...

glad to see you back!:))
old Vimmuuu:)

handicapped /crippled is how 'we look at them:)
they might not look at themselves that way:)
able bodied people have a hard life sometimes..and handicapped people make a life for themselves at other times:)))

its all perspective:)

but yes I agree life def is not fair always and the world sometimes is a very cruel place most of the time..

the eeeeeeeee sounds like someone is torturing you! :P

take care:)

now no more emotional atyachars please:D
have had enough for a year I think:P

Smitha said...

Awww, Wonderful to see have you back!!!! This was a trademark Vimmuuu post :)

And why be sorry for that post? Everyone needs to rant once in a while :)

Rakesh said...

its not just eeeeee bro...its "1..2..3..eeeeeeee"!!

Remember SRK teaching Priety to smile in Kal ho na ho! hehe

And the tea bag is also to 'use n throw' na!

Nice to see u back frm cuckoo-land!
Keep smiling Veeemal bhai!

Rakesh said...

ya i almost forgot..
i am proud of u tht u decided to pour out ur 'emosions' on the blog rather than getting drunk and resorting to other stuff like smoking like the other 'athyacharists' normally do.

Proud of u bro!
U r now officially a blogaholic!
Now Go post 1 song dude!

Anonymous said...

this is good way of answering comments...

my blog is kinda out of hand too and i refer going to the individuals' blog and asnwring their question...instead of choking up my comments area...

to answer yours..i am studing for my exams...and my brain is comletely cluttered with that info...

i am also mom to 3 year old twins...hence it is cluttered with nursery rhymes too..lol

dad died in feb...mom is visitng...so mind is cluttered with grief too..

hence so much sadness in my poems..

Anonymous said...

this is good way of answering comments...

my blog is kinda out of hand too and i prefer going to the individuals' blog and answering their question...instead of choking up my comments area...

to answer yours..i am studing for my exams...and my brain is completely cluttered with that info...

i am also mom to 3 year old twins...hence it is cluttered with nursery rhymes too..lol

dad died in feb...mom is visitng...so mind is cluttered with grief too..

hence so much sadness in my poems..

Deeps said...

yes,Vimu thats the way to go...I'm glad you are back to being your chirpy funny self :)

Its only recently that I have started reading you and I certainly wouldnt want to see you go on 'Devdas-Manoj Kumar-Prem Naseer-mode and get all senti :D

Kislay said...

You are creative ! Made a post out of replying to comments to other posts . :D I should do that . So busy with work that am not commenting back at all . :(

Crafty Shines said...

*crafty and vimmuuu standing amidst devastated furniture and looking at his door hanging by a hinge*

as long as u are back vimmuuu, all is ok....we'll go shop for furniture....

*vimmuuu is asking if she'll share expenses coz she broke all this*

erm, vimmuuuu, i wud share but u see....my debit card is broken in half :P :P :P

good to have u back! bleah to lousy days and also to ppl who fuel lousy days! may there be no more.

and u thik twice before all this emo attyachar postings! it cud cost u ur furniture again! :P


keep smiling! :D

kanagu said...

good you are back again bro :)

Chiranjib said...

You have an award:

vimmuuu said...

@ Badz :

Yes, you are first. yeah, good to be back. \\\\\\\\HUGS to you too///////

@ A :

LOL, what am I apologising for, huh?

@ OG :

Are you spitting on me ??? :D

@ Reema :

Hugs from you ??? Thats rare. Thanks !

@ Pixie :

Yeah, life sucks when it throws a googly. LOL. in your words, major huggs !

@ Rakesh 2 :

LOL, what are friends for !!!! Thanks buddy, hope you had a nice weekend !

@ Ashwathy :

Learning a lot of lessons lately, LOL !

no no, I would like to read your answer !! :D :D

@ EISI :

Is that why you left to frankfurt ??? :P

@ Swaram :

LOL, I would visit your blog only if you were weird !!

@ Smita :

I banned you, didnt you that? Thats why you couldnt comment !!
with friends like you around, I neednt worry at all!

@ Bhargavi :

LOL, I didnt apologise for what I felt. I apologised for making you all read that !! hehehe

@ Dhiren :

LOL, thats an offbeat comment. Very soon bro, very soon !

@ Veena chechi :

Thanks chechi so much. Yeah, I felt so miserable when I was writing it, then felt relieved after publishing it and after that felt idiotic after reading it the next day.LOL.

@ Indyeah :

eeeee sounds like torturing. How is a smile denoted in words????
LOL, no more achaars and atyachaars !!!!

@ Smitha :

The stamp is back, huh? Im happy too. LOL.

@ Rakesh :

Dude, I just love your comments !!!! Im just waiting to get myself to wordpress so that even others can read your comments. LOL @ cuckooland !!!!

@ Shraddha :

Im sorry, I really didnt understand your poem. I didnt know you were going through so much! Anyway, thats what I meant by life being unfair ! It really is, isnt it?

@ Deeps :

LOL, never ever to that mode again. Cuz i want people like you to come back here. Seriously, no more repelling activities !

@ Kislay :

LOL, dont you escape with that!!! We want replies to our comments !!!!!! hehehhe.

@ Crafty :

LOL,lets go ! Dont forget to get your coupons !!

You still didnt get your card back ??? LOL, I got mine last week, just in time for withdrawing my salary !!! hehehe.

ohhh no, no more achaars or atyachaars ! already went through a disaster management ! :D :D

Thanks a lot craftyyyy !

@ Kanagu :

Glad myself :D

@ Chiranjib :

Yippidi yeyy !!!!

Destination Infinity said...

Since I didn't comment there, I will comment on that post here: I think all of it made sense and it was fine!!

Destination Infinity

Anonymous said...

thats better :P..u made comments a post??? How dare you??? :P

Anu Russell said...


first off...ur blog is not a depressing place...it is nice :)

So chill, and you were just telling things in your head...so what? a lot of them did make sense u know!

And it is better to vent than to simmer inside...imho.

Take it easy policy :)