Jul 9, 2009

Emotional Atyachaars !!!

Sometimes life gives us all kinds of happiness; a perfect home and job, an understanding partner, great parents, the best of friends, and everything that would make an outsider go green with envy. And then suddenly, one fine morning, it gives us one huge blow right on the face bringing in an ever lasting depression and making us forget all those good times that we once enjoyed. Even when we try to move on, the scar remains somewhere deep inside; the fear of a relapse creeps in every now and then. Life as they say is all about ups and downs; but when we never ask for an up, why does it have to give us the downs? They also say that one would realize the importance of happiness only when one goes through a real tough time. How can we realize the importance of happiness later on if we lose something important or someone special during those tough times? Would we remain happy during the rest of our lives at all? Aren’t those haunting thoughts enough for us to be miserable for the rest of our lives? Life treats everyone the same way, doesn’t it? It doesn’t care if you are a person who hasn’t done or meant any harm to anyone or if you have literally raped everyone on earth with your eyes; everyone goes through those ups and downs similarly, don’t they ? why is life this unfair then ?
Sometimes we go out of our way and help those people to whom we are very close. But then at times we end up being taken advantage of also! There are people who use us and then walk out of our lives as if we weren’t anyone to them. They just need us as a solution for their temporary problem and once it is solved, they don’t even care to look around for us. More often than not, many of us have lived the life of a Curry Leaf. We add the flavor to a person’s life like a curry leaf and then get literally thrown away just like one. Why do we even let people treat us like one of those leaves when we are very much aware of this fact ?
Sometimes we stare at our own life and realize how helpless we have been at various situations. In our attempts to please others, we just nod our heads and go with the flow. We do not think of our preferences; we stop giving importance to our own priorities and would be more than happy to see if people around us are happier. Gradually, we write a script and screenplay for our own life and then become a part of it. We get used to something that we never liked once and in the long run, become content with our life. Arent we just existing then, instead of living ?
I once joked to one of my real close friend that my friendship with him/her was nearing the expiry date. I felt bad for making that statement because my friend took it in a different sense altogether and kept taunting me with that for a while. But I was just thinking about a few days back and though I was blabbering on that particular day, I was right in some way! All relationships do have an expiration date, doesn’t it? I lose the relationship with my dear ones once either of us are no more; the moment a misunderstanding creeps in, my relationship with my friend dies; my boss is no longer my boss when either of us quit our job, etc.
Why do people write ‘Do not Disturb’ status messages in I.M.s ? If they really didn’t want anyone to disturb them, why even log in?
I stare at my boss with a straight face when he says ‘Best of Luck’ after assigning targets at month beginnings! Is he saying that out of concern or is he trying to scare me?
It really confuses me when a person tells his/her lover - ‘I don’t deserve your love’. Now is that a statement from the heart or from the brain ???
I become totally speechless when a stranger out of nowhere asks me, “ Who are you?” Seriously guys, what would you all answer?
Why is it difficult for certain people to clean their own under garments? Isn’t it simply disgusting to let your mom/spouse or your maid to even lay their hands on your under garments? (I was recently ridiculed for making this opinion in office and I still cant understand why they found it funny !)
Now, did any of these make sense or did you guys just waste your time ?????


Badz said...

awww. Vimmuuu.

Solilo said...


This is emotional atyaachaar.

Pixie said...

Hugs Vimmu! :)

Everything made perfect sense.

major hugs! :)

Ordinary Guy said...

aliyaaaaaaaa, endhu patti????

why so serious :P :P

I did not understand this post.... the reason behind it :P :P

Bedazzled said...

ummm ..one of those days , huh ? this too will pass ..but very well written..

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Life is one tuf ballgame to play my friend and I've realized it way too earlier than what I should perhaps have!

The only true relationships I will cherish are the ones with my parents, immediate family, my relationship with myself and with the man above!

Nothing else matters!

sakhi said...

GOD, Vimal, what WAS that??? :O :O

But i liked this one the best: "All relationships do have an expiration date"

I hate to admit this to myself, but in my heart i know this is somehow true :)

soneeta said...


vimal is this really you.is this all coming out of ur heart or brain.or was this an attempt to write the longest sentences.i didnt understand wht u r trying to say from the first sentence itself and believe me i didnt have the patience to complete the first paragraph itself.but i was still expecting like all your posts there wil be something in it somewhere..and that caused me to read the whole post and i found ....nothing.just some weird feelings which comes and goes and no one pays attentions.

i generally avoid reading such articles n u are the first one who made me read so lone post on somethng (i dont know wht to name)....seriously...world is coming to an end.

Aaarti said...

Made too much sense!!! Awesomely written!!!

Guess ur going thru one of those phases or a day!! :)

soneeta said...

and ya...why so serious about life.no one is going to get through it.Life is ten percent what you make it - and ninety percent how you take it!so instead of just taking it the way it comes to you just pep it up and see..u can find happiness in every small thing.
and ya..relationships dont come with an expiry date.just that we dont use them after a certain period but still whenever we feel like looking back we can still see them standing there.they may not be the same but we can still say a "hi"and move on.making or breaking a relationship is in our hand..so itz upto us whether we want it to stay active ,be dormant or just die.

"i think i should start my blog nw...hehehe"

Swaram said...

Yes Vimmuuu... it all made sense :)

Abt the undergarments, so true .... when asked abt it, ppl feel vyaak but y nt when they ask others to wash it :P

And abt being logged into IM with DND status, i too feel y log in if they can't chat. But i am logged in all day too :P; kind of moral support that i hv ppl with me ;)

eye-in-sty-in said...

mos def thought worthy!

Nautankey said...

aye man...how dare you put a post on things which i wanted to write about :).

Undergarment thing,well if ur using a washing machine then no disgust is involved there.

Anyway i think its high time u dropped ur teetotaller image,such things will be forgotten easily

Ashwathy said...

FINALLY!! a 'why me' post that actually is interesting and interlaced alternatively with a sprinkling of humour!

Life treats everyone the same way, doesn’t it? It doesn’t care if you are a person who hasn’t done or meant any harm to anyone
ever heard of the saying: expecting the world to be nice to u becoz u r nice to everyone, is like expecting the lion not to eat u becoz u r a vegetarian? :-)

In our attempts to please others, we just nod our heads and go with the flow. We do not think of our preferences; we stop giving importance to our own priorities and would be more than happy to see if people around us are happier
that happens when u let ur heart rule ur head. i m sure all of us have been guilty of it at some point.

All relationships do have an expiration date, doesn’t it?
perhaps they do. or perhaps they dont at all... sometimes not even death can take away ur relationship with a person...the memories always remain. in fact sometimes even more so after separation with that person, u go back to the memories and what that relationship taught u, to move ahead in life. thus the relationship continues in its own way.
some things are meant to be forever...

having said that, i'd also say that sometimes the expiration date occurs becoz the person's purpose in ur life is done. a lot of ppl are in ur life for a certain reason. once that purpose is fulfilled, they move on. and so do u...

It really confuses me when a person tells his/her lover - ‘I don’t deserve your love’. Now is that a statement from the heart or from the brain
for a change, it probably comes from mixture of both!

Why do people write ‘Do not Disturb’ status messages in I.M.s ? If they really didn’t want anyone to disturb them, why even log in?
i've lost track of the number of times i've asked ppl this question! i'm so glad someone agrees! :D

Is he saying that out of concern or is he trying to scare me?
depends on his perspective and urs i guess...! ;-)

as for the undergarment issue, again, i agree with u. the ppl who laughed must have been the ones embarrassed abt it becoz they r guilty abt the same!! :P think about it!

and to end it with a lighter note:
did you guys just waste your time ?????
we do that all the time by coming to ur blog :D today is no different!!!! hehehe

hitch writer said...

Geez... whats got into everyone... !!!!!!!!

are we all running out of idea's or are too many questions clouding our minds????????

dude... its best when you are asking those sarcastic questions of others... !! dont ask them to urself... !!!!!

not all are sarcastic.. but... well... :P :P

Rakesh said...

Dude whts with the "who r u?" thing?
Did someone bang on ur head?
if thts the case i would recommend u to get a new tatoo of ur bio data!! buahaha!

and abt the ppl acting busy in gtalk don worry brother.i had even worse situations where ppl put their gtalk status to "Rakesh!!...shutup & get lost!"

Jokes apart whts happend to u bro?
whts with the curry leaves?? haha..i dont agree u with on tht man!

Theres an ancient 'crazy chinese wise-guy' saying.."LIFE IS A TEA BAG dude"

and ur problem is tht u dont drink tea! its abt time u drank some to reformat ur brain!
Peace bro!!

note: btw tht chinese guy is my alter ego..buhaha

Varunavi said...

I agree with all that u have written.

I always fail to understand why men can't wash their ug's when they stay alone,they wash it but when mom or wife is there,they just leave it :(

Varun said...

Curry Leaf was an awesome simile! That happens!

Expiry Date! - True to an extent but I usually carry a recharge card :)

Person going with the flow - Too lazy.

DND - I make it a point to ping such people.

Best of Luck - That is definitely to scare you :)

Don't deserve your love - Hahaha.. Such a lie! Obviously the brain's working here

Who are you!? Hahaha... Who asked you this question?

Undergarments - I agree. My room mates never washed theirs. It is definitely disgusting

Everything made perfect sense. Just a lil curious though to know what made u write such a post...

Veena Chech said...

hello dear..endh patti?? Everything alright?? Anyways nice post and everything made sense..just confused with such a post from uer end. Hope this is one of those days when u feel that u have no one, no one cares for you..if so, don't worry, it will just pass by :)..Now smiiiiiileeeeee :)

Anonymous said...

everything made erfect sense..but the reason why everything was put up together..dnt make sense :( was confusing :P

Anonymous said...

everything made perfect sense..jst that i couldn't make sense of the reason behind everything put together here

Anonymous said...

You make sense as always...listen to your mind..things can be turned around

Anonymous said...

its alright...

all of us feel like this once in a while

Anonymous said...

I think the title is perfect for this post! LOL... WTF is this, man?? :D
And what's with the colorful post? :D

Smitha said...

Have to say, I agree with all these instances of emotional atyaachars :) But as everybody is asking - what brought about this outpouring of emotions?

This does not feel like a trademark 'Vimmuuu' post :)Great post though :)

Vee said...

Trust me, I have lot questions like that piled up in my brain. But then I think no point making them realized abt anything... It's just about 'I'.. Just think that.. When u think that, nothing else matters..

Badz said...

@ OG. Vimmuuu is suffer from a female problem called PMS (periods) so he's all hormonal and emotionally. ;-) :-P

Badz said...

Sorry Vimmuuu. I hand to tell everyone your little secret that Solilo has turned you back into Vimala. :-P :-P

Badz said...

Typo. HAD to tell everyone. :-S

Deeps said...

Gosh that was really emotional...have you been having some real introspection of some sort,Vimmu???
But some days such thoughts do creep into our minds.
The solution is to just let go as you said,'go with the flow'

Reema said...

Intense!! hope everything is ok.

Indyeah said...

Life treats everyone the same way, doesn’t it? It doesn’t care if you are a person who hasn’t done or meant any harm to anyone or if you have literally raped everyone on earth with your eyes; everyone goes through those ups and downs similarly, don’t they ? why is life this unfair then ?

No it doesnt Vimmuuu....Life treats people really fairly..'what goes round comes around' ...and thats the way it is..if someone is not being immediately 'punished' or if you cant see anything bad happening to a bad person it doesnt mean that it wont happen ever..

Life gives justice and in ways that are incomprehensible...

Why do we even let people treat us like one of those leaves when we are very much aware of this fact ?
because you are you..people who think selflessly are hurt and are used..but it never takes anything away from them..the one who has used is the one who is losing a little bit of his/her soul everyday and doesn't even realize it...

Aren’t we just existing then, instead of living ?

yes I agree... it took a long time for me to realize that putting my wishes second wont benefit anyone least of all me....I know better now:)

! All relationships do have an expiration date, doesn’t it?
someone dying is completely diff from what you are saying. relationships have phases ..highs and lows...you could be in love with someone one moment and hate them after sometime. or be neutral at others...or even with parents for example..our love for them goes through many phases..the intensity of love is not always the same...

'DO not disturb 'as a stat message is a way that they ask for help..they want to be asked about how they are..what they are feeling..and they should be treated gently at such moments..
(this is not applicable in all cases..some people crave for attention..which again is a result of a lot of issues)

LOL@best of luck:D
I think what he means is ‘’you are so gonna need it dude!’’

‘I don’t deserve your love’ is because of insecurity and feelings of inferiority (same issues as before) so that the other person will reassure and calm them down

'WHO are you'? ??????
Who asks you this?:D:D

Anyone who cant do their own work are pathetic creatures acc to me:)

what a post:)
a new side of you:)

take care and keep smiling:)

amit said...

//All relationships do have an expiration date, doesn’t it?
Well, I strongly disagree. There are relationships where there is no expiry day and you will know.
I too used to think that way some years back, but then today I know people who are a part of my life. The question of ending anything never arises because there is nothing to end and never will be. Why are you even thinking that way? Why can't two people know each other forever?

Ashwathy said...

whoa!!! thats a lot of heavy stuff u wrote there! but very true!
a bow to u...!
and u're some analyst of psychology, arent u? :-)

Crafty Shines said...

*crafty rolls up sleeves…..hell, rolls up pants too*
Get out of my way u imposter! Ur gig is up!!!! ha!!!

*Crafty pushes “vimmuuu imposter” aside and barges in his house, frantically looking for vimmuuu under sofa, inside fridge, etc*

Telllllllllll meeeeeeeee, who r u and what have u done with vimmuuuu???

Sigh…..vimmuuu? Is this really you? Eh?
Introspective mood….when it hits, it hits bad, and then we become the “dark side of the moon”…the side ppl never saw, but it exists nonetheless….

@ unfair life: yeah it is…but what doesn’t kill u makes u stronger. Life’s a bitch, but with a friend by ur side, it might not be that unpleasant….so vimmuuu, I hope for every rough patch u have, u have a hand that holds u thru it. Hugs!!!

@ being used: what an example! Curry leaf! :) why do we let it happen? Maybe because we don’t lose hope in friendship. Ppl who left probably didn’t deserve to have u in their life anyway…

@ existing vs living: so true! U’ve said it so well!!! Ya, this one is a mystery to me too….sometimes we can just forget what we really want, and fool our minds into liking and believing what is not actually our desire / ambition / passion. Sigh….i think its just subconscious compromise…

@ relationships expiry: the close ones will always remain…..esp friends…there are some who u can be out of touch for years, but when u wil talk to each other, u pick up where u left off! And nothing’s changed! U take the initiative n don’t let ur precious relationships expire vimmuuu! Hugs!!!

@ status msg: lol! Ah, a teeny glimpse of vimmuuu in this sarcasm!! :D
Yikes, I’ve done that! But its to keep the pesky ones away! My close friends can ping / talk to me 24X7, ignoring the strictest of DND msgs!! they know its not for them! So I don’t miss out on talking to them, but I get to keep pests away! :D

@ boss: LOL! Depends…if he’s as sarcastic as u, then….. :P

@ love deserving: hell, no time for lack of confidence! It u don’t deserve the love, then buckle up and do something worthwhile so u can deserve it! :P :P

@ stranger asking: I wud ask back, “why do u want to know?” :P that’s my reply to every nosey-parker question asked!!! :D

It made sense…..a sneak peek at the introspective vimmuuu!
ur emotional attyachars multiplied by a million = no of hugs for u! :D
and sorry to ransack ur home n call u imposter! Must to look out for friend’s welfare, no? :D :D :P

Ashwathy said...

* me awards crafty the best comment award for this post!!! * :D

Crafty Shines said...

HOW did i miss the most IMPORTANT aatyachar.....the underwear washing one?

yeah, i think it won't hurt to wash one's own innerwear!
me do it since i was 7 yrs old.....

but sometimes ppl do throw it in the washing machine with other clothes, which means no person has to wash it....

ppl laughed when u raised this question? do u remember who all? go back and point at them and laugh...they are the ones who don't wash their own innerwear! :P :P

Crafty Shines said...

@ ashwathy: awwwww!!!!
*crafty accepts award and gives flying kisses*

*ashwathy is wondering how to deal with deluge of hugs coming her way from crafty*


Ashwathy said...

hahaha :D dont worry, I'll deal with them somehow ;-)

Just call me 'A' said...

made sense, yes yes yes...and it seems you were bombarded with lots of thoughts all of a sudden. so many questions...so much to ponder.
i stopped by yesterday and there was no update and suddenly dhar dhar dhar....two post straight in few hours.
all valid points..some has no right answers.

Anonymous said...

Vimmuuu... one of those days huh? That your brain goes into overdrive...
Well you seem to be a profound person and that adds flavor to ur blog!

:) Can't say I share all the sentiments but I sure can relate to them!

sweelie said...

left a lump in my throat...felt like you wrote everything i wanted to say :)
all of it makes sense. I liked the phrase " relationships have an expiration date". so true. good post.

kanagu said...

oh bro.. what happened???

no humour from start to stop of this post....

I am confused now :(

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! Ok this comment is gonna take some time. I'll be back!

theSaintlySinner said...

I guess you've taken the fact that Lohitadas is no more, a wee bit too seriously...

theSaintlySinner said...

dude..you shud also write about the time i used to emotionally blackmail you with all those stickers i used to collect for you - i'm cross that it didn't find its way in this list ; i wud have thot it wud have been top of this pile

Rakesh said...

oh yaa i remember the sticker books!!

ya we used to have tht stickers frm tht old koukou rouku biscuits!!

Anu Russell said...


too good...well written...and i have felt so many of things that u have penned here... :)

workhard said...

Ur frustration is totally justified... i cannot imagine how disgusting it is to touch anyone elses undergarments..
and yeah i have been a curry leaf quite a few times.. and i seriously intend not to be one anymore..

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