Jul 10, 2008

Flickr Mosaic Tag

Just when I was breaking my head thinking which post to publish from the ones I had planned, this tag from Poonam came as a blessing. Yippie, I have more time to think !

How this is done :
1. The answers to each of the questions below are applied in Flickr Search.
2. The best image is picked, but only from the first page.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

1 ) What is your first name ?
Vimal. I was surprised to see the results in flickr. Only Vimal ??? Give me a break !!!

2) What is your favourite food? Right now?
Puttu and Kadala Curry; now and always. For those of you who dont know, its a Kerala delicacy. Puttu is often referred as steamed rice cake and Kadala Curry is the gravy made from black chickpea. Yummmm! I am going to see if I can get this 'right now'. Heres a link to the recipe :

3) Which high school did u go ?
Govt. Victoria College. The tree in the mosaic is a part of our huuuge college campus; thats where the ground is. I am surprised and equally glad to find this picture in flickr. Some good alumni soul had posted it but this is the only image of our college in flickr. The tree is referred as "Muthasshi maram" which means Grandmother Tree and is believed to be centuries old; our college started functioning from 1889.

4) What is your favorite color?

5) Who is your celebrity crush?
Honestly, there has never been any. But any celebrity who could come close to being called a 'celebrity crush' would be this French news reader, Melisa Theuriau. Check out her info in Wikipedia. Phew ! With such a news reader, who wouldnt watch television, huh?

6) Favorite drink?
Orange juice. Now a little fact about me- I am a teatotaller in all sense; I have never and will never have plans to taste any of the alcoholic beverages (including beer and wine) and have stopped tea and coffee 3 years ago.

7) Dream vacation?
Egypt. I just love the concept of Pyramids and the mystery behind it.

8) Favorite dessert?
Caramel Pudding.

9) What do you want to be when you grow up?
Singer ( Though I wish this question could have been reframed as "what do you want to be as you grow older?")

10) What do you love most in life?

11) One Word to describe you.

12) Your flickr name.
Now this is tricky. My flickr name is vimmuuu, but the search result was zero asking if I meant "vim" and thats how I got this into the mosaic.

I must thank Poonam for this tag, it was real fun !! And now I tag Oxy for his version.


Poonam said...

Yours is much more interesting and hilarious output than mine. No one else can get stuck with brands as with you in tag: Vimal and Vim. ha ha..

I too like caramel pudding and I think I will like puttu that I have never tasted. And trust you guys to lust after some French news reader! Where would you find her?

Your black is beautiful.

vimmuuu said...

@ poonam : LOL, guess what there was a photo of a toilet too with a VIM bottle near by, glad I found this.

The French news reader is quite famous, one of the most downloaded celebrity and also most number of hits in youtube. I was all fida watching her deliver the news,cudnt understand a thing though :D, but isnt she 'haaat' !!

Oxymoronic said...


Sahi hai bheedu. Liked that news girl... she is gorgeous..

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy : Check out her youtube videos if you havent seen 'em !!

Nishi said...

when on earth did u become a puttu n kadala fan? I always thot u liked the dosas n idlis....guess u r bored of Chennai food then....time for a change man!
N another of ur answers....u admiring a French newsreader....which was that historical day when u started watchign news on TV...Mark it bold!!! I'll give this more publicity....details plsssss :))

vimmuuu said...

@ Nishi(chechi):

I have always liked Puttu and Kadala and if at all, I have rejected Puttu, its only becuz I didnt get Kadala with it :)Moreover,we dont make dosas and idlis at home that often right, thus the craving for them. So my dear sis, please have a look at the recipe, learn how to make them 'properly' and feed me the next time I come over for food.

Its been 11 years since we moved away from each other and you think I still wear the same underwear! Oh come on sis, times have changed, I do watch news now !! Go ahead and give the publicity now.hehehe. As for the French reporter, I got her pics via a fwd and then checked out her videos in youtube. She is 'haaaat', isnt she ?

Nishi said...

Same underwear....yuccckk!!!
n u dont have to be so optimistic...my cute lil chubby teddy Vimal of yesteryears , dont u think u'll need more 'stuffing' to fit them today...? I must say I always liked u that way, I could always give u a hug...hehehe

N now I understand ur new found interest for news :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Nishi (chechi) :
Stop embarassing me....aaaargh!!! This is why they keep families away from this !

Reeta said...

Hmmmm.. Interesting.... And u managed to capture the right pix in ur flicker mosaic....Vim??? and did nt ever know abt ur puttu and kadala, french connection!!! Keep putting in such interesting articles... Thanks to Poonam for this article...

morenita said...

Come to think of it i was beginning to like this blog....now you try to sabotage it by exposing your dirty laundry(read:underwear...)to the world....!!!

soneeta said...

intresting....nw m also going to do it.but i didnt knw that black is ur fav color.it doesnt go wth ur personality n crazzzzy attitude

WhatsInAName said...

All the best in your effort to become a singer when you grow up :D
BTW Is it the Victoria College in Pallakaad that you are talking about? Incidentally my father did his graduation there as well (but ofcourse around 4 decades back!)
Very well done tag :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Reeta :
Well, theres no connection, as I said, the only possible 'crush'!!but isnt she 'haat'??

@ Morenita :
Aw Aww!! Do keep visiting, the next time I will make sure that the language here is parliamentary. Was just having some harmless fun with my sis.
Btw, thanks for liking the blog :D

@ Soneeta :
Do you have a blog? you never told me!!!

@ Whatsinaname :
Thanks a lot for the wishes. I had uploaded 4 of my songs here(under This is how i heard them), please do listen to them if time permits and would also appreciate your comments.
and ur the child of an ex-victorian??? I am so glad, convey my regards to him! Ask him about this tree also :D

Poonam said...

I just came over to read your responses. But I was compelled to let you know that I was very amused reading your exchanges with your sister. :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Poonam:
Guess what, Im gonna kill her the next time we meet. She thinks Im still in the 6th grade and embarasses me, u kno how!
(Some things never change in the family!)

Morenita said...

sure...i'll keep visiting if not for your underwears then definitely for your SONGS....I heard all of them .....please upload few more....U..R..GOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

@Vim : good work man... and i liked the part where you gave a small description about what you like...
The french news reader is steaming haute... loved her... and the caramel pudding looks delicious... btw, thnx for peekin at my blog earlier...

vimmuuu said...

@ Morenita : Thanks a LOT ! Will be uploading more from now on. and no more garment jokes here anymore !

@ Harsha : Thanks for dropping by.Btw, which part are you referring to? and atlast, one person who agreed with me on the French look. I have been asking people in the comments " Isnt she haat" and no one replied for that..hehehe !!!

Anonymous said...

@ vimu : i referred to all your answers... u have given descriptions wherever necessary...
The french reader killed my with the first pic itself... i'm wondering how others survived after being smitten by her beauty... :D

Poonam Sharma said...

But this thing is too good to be desired to be changed. I am loving it lol :P

rakesh said...

whoah!! melissa.. she is hot!!