Apr 18, 2008

Small is beautiful

This blog was started with the idea of writing movie reviews so that people whom I knew could make use of it. But lately, like how everyones been mentioning, the movie reviews have come down drastically here. One reason is because there weren’t that many promising releases this year so far; and the other could be the fact that personally I got so busy with my songs and its upload that I began watching the movies two to three weeks after its release. Moreover, when I started writing reviews in my blog, I was under the impression that I was doing something unique. Now that I am very much into the blogging world, I realized that this effort of mine is just another drop in the ocean. That’s when it struck me to write atleast a few lines about a movie with a rating . The full reviews would still continue; only if all the other factors are in place. Anyways, let me start off this section with some of the releases this year :

Anjaathey (Tamil) : After an average debut with 'Chitiram Pesudadi'; director Mysskin comes up with an awesome script and almost flawless direction. Barring the cliché and long climax scene, this movie is an experience not to be missed. Rating : 4 / 5

Calcutta News (Malayalam) : Perhaps the worst movie of director Blessy; it doesn’t make sense at all in certain scenes especially the ones involving black magic. Technically brilliant; but the writing is amateurish. Meera Jasmine is excellent; Dileep and Indrajith is wasted. Rating : 2 / 5

Mithya (Hindi) : Easily the best Hindi movie to have released this year so far. Power packed performances from the entire cast. Seems to be loosely inspired from Javed-Salims 'Don'. Must watch for those who value quality cinema. Rating : 4 / 5

Kannum Kannum (Tamil) : A clean family movie with absolutely no violence and cheap dialogues. Though the script is a little unbelievable, the turn of events in the movie catches the viewers attention. The second half drags a lot unnecessarily but the climax is restrained. Watchable ; you would not regret if given a miss. Rating : 2.5 / 5

Race (Hindi) : Too many twists and turns spoil the movie. The movie tests your patience from the very beginning with a lot of slow motions and the getting-on-your-nerve dialogues. Except for Akshay, the rest are unbearable. Rating : 1.5 / 5

Vellithirai (Tamil) : The movie lacks the intensity of the original 'Udayanaanu Thaaram'(Malayalam). They have retained the same characters from the original but doesn’t leave an impression in the viewers mind. Prakash Raj is excellent; but Prithviraj looks lost throughout. The movie lacks continuity and sometimes drags. A watchable timepass movie. Rating : 3 / 5

U. Me Aur Hum (Hindi) : An impressive directional debut by Devgan. The sensible second half makes up for the sloppy and dragging first half (though 2 songs are totally unwanted in the second half). The dialogues sometimes are cheesy and mushy. A little more care should have been taken at the writing stage. Watchable. Rating : 3 / 5


Reets said...

Hi Vimmuu
Merci beaucoup! ur few lines on the movies are helping us save some money and time.Thanks for the updates. Keep it up..!

Poonam Sharma said...

True! Mithya was one of very good movies of the year! Only I did not like the end. I know Rajat Kapoor will defend his right to express 'creativity' but it was disappointing to see innocent lives going away and den called Mithya. :(

And race is nothing but pulp fiction with too many twists.

I liked second part of U, Me and Hum . It had honesty only first part was lousy and cliched.

vimmuuu said...

now is that french or italian??? will surely keeposting the reviews, but those views are jus mine. It could differ from person to person,rt? So I would advise you to go for a movie with your own gut feeling!

"it was disappointing to see innocent lives going away and den called Mithya", True, but it was the ending that made the whole difference in the movie, rt? Otherwise it would seem like Don orany other movie.

Only the second half of UMAH made sense. But they should taken care of the ending.that was too filmy; btw, did u notice a foreigner cying after listening to the story...Ufffff!

Sujith Krishnan said...

I completely disagree with your view on Culcutta news. The only negative thing in that film is that the main rolse was handled by Dileep. Otherwise the theme and presentation of the movie was awsome.

Oxymoronic said...

I too don't believe this... This is some coincidence buddy...:) What do you call this...hmm Some connection .. LOlz..

vimmuuu said...

@ Sujith Krishnan : Glad you liked it :)

@ Oxymoronic : I knowww. Yup, Kismet Blog Konnection !

Oxymoronic said...


Lol @ that... Yes Kismet Blog Konnection.. Btw I havent watched any of the Tamil ones.. But for HIndi ones I would say Mithya deserves 4 , Race and UMAH would be 1 each as per me..

and hey, call me Oxy..

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy : Ok, Oxy from now on. Theres still no release in hindi that could beat Mithya. It still is the best movie to have released this year. I felt UMH was watchable unlike Race. But again, only the second half; Devgans "you know what" put me off though