Jan 10, 2008

Top Ten Movies - Bolly & Kolly

Finally !!! It took me so long to come up with this list too. There were a lot of changes in the last minute and I even had to rethink when I am posting this article.

2007 had been an exciting year for Bollywood in terms of the different genre of movies; we had two sports movies, a couple of thrillers, a few episodic movies, a lot of comedies (most of them mindless), some path breaking movies, spoof based movies, etc. This list is only based on my personal preference and not on the popularity or box office collections. I am sure that there would be a lot of debate as to why certain movies like OSO, Cheeni Kum etc. didn’t find any position here. Its simply because there were better movies that appealed me.

Top Ten movies of 2007 - Hindi

1Taare Zameen Par
2 Johnny Gaddar
3 Black Friday
5 Manorama Six Feet Under
6 No Smoking
7 Chak de
8 Jab We Met
9 Gandhi, My Father
10Bheja Fry

The other top contenders(not in any order)

1 Om Shanti Om
2 Cheeni Kum
3 Hey Babyy
4 Bhool Bhulaiyya
5 Partner

Films I think I missed – Metro, Nishabd, Saawariya, Shootout at Lokhandwala

Kollywood witnessed some of the best films in 2007. There were a lot of fresh plots and performance oriented movies. 2007 also saw a remarkable change in the taste of the Tamil audience as they had encouraged innovative movies like Chennai 28, Oram Po and also offbeat movies like Mozhi, Kattradhu Tamizh, Periyar. Not to forget, the costliest movie, Sivaji, and also the most stylish movie, Billa. This list is only based on my personal preference and not on the popularity or box office collections.

Top Ten movies of 2007 - Tamil

1 Mozhi
2 Polladhavan
3 Billa
4 Kattradhu Tamizh
5 Chennai 28
6 Patchaikili Muthucharam
7 Pokkiri
8 Oram Po
9 Evano Oruvan
10 Naan Avan Illai

The other top contenders(not in any order)

1 Azhagiya Tamizh Magan
2 Satham Podaadey
3 Sivaji
4 Kanaamoochi yenada
5 Unnaale Unnaale

Films I think I missed – Paruthiveeran, Onbathu Roopai Nottu, Marudamalai, Kalloori, Kreedom


rakesh said...

huh!!y do i see black friday,no smoking,gandhi my father in the top 10???
cmonn..u gotta be kidding right??
OSO desrves to be there on the top 3 atleast...in terms of entertainment value..
also bhool bhulaiya desrves a better a spot thn this..
and i am really surprised tht u liked salaam e ishq.i thought u would dump tht also..
anyway im not complaining..its ur blog n ur opinion!!!so WHATEVER!!

ACCORDINGNG TO ME TZP,OSO,JG are the top movies of this year..


btw where is RAMU KI AAG???hehe..i thought u would put tht at No 1..hehe

soneeta said...

hey,seeems like we hv got similar taste 4 bollywood movies.though i havent seen "Gandhi,my father" n Manorama ,six feet under n still a little confused about somethngs in "no smoking" bt rest all movies of ur list r really good.y dont u write a review on 'no smoking"..it is really going 2 help all those people who went 2 c d movie bt came out totally confused n thinking dt it ws juz a total waste of time n money.n as usual u r still nt regular.u listed down a lot of things u will b adding in ur bolg bt.....People r still waiting 4 it.

rakesh said...

hey!! so u thrashed saalam-e -ishq now..eh??
and y do u keep changing the movies??

which 1 are u goin to change next??
..anyway dude plz post a blog on 2007' top 10 actors, top 10 songs,top 10 singer bolly & kolly separately

vimmuuu said...

Thanks a lot for your comments. From this year I am making it a point to interact with each of you through these comments section.

@ rakesh (for his first post)
Bhool bhulaiyya and OSO were good. But there were far better movies last year according to me. As far as Salaam E Ishq is concerned, I enjoyed the movie more than OSO and liked it more than Bhool Bhulaiyya.

@ soneeta
Try watching both those movies and let me know if you had enjoyed them. Regarding 'No smoking', its too complicated to put in here.And it also takes some time to think of all those events and jot it down.Moreover, though I could grasp 90% of the movie and its intentions, the rest 10% still remains mysterious. And that could be the reason why I liked it so much. All I can tell now is that No Smoking was a movie which speaks all about 'freedom' and has nothing to do with smoking.

Regarding the irregularity, I guess I am pretty much active as of now and will continue to post as when I get time.Thanks for the pressure, though.lol.

@ rakesh (for the second post)

I happend to watch Manorama SFU and Man! wht a movie that was.Too bad, it didnt click with the audiences, probably becuz of the title and the star cast. Great performances and a superb screenplay with so many twists and turns.Watch out for the climax.It comes as a lightning. Somehow wanted to include that in my list here and so had to push down S-E-I.Sorry if it had offended u in any way.lol.

Nirmal Simon said...

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