Jan 3, 2008

Thanks, Happy New year and Coming soon

Finally, 2007 had a good ending here in Vlog with my last post on the top ten songs. It was quite an encouraging year for Vlog and I appreciate the tolerance level of each and every person who goes through this nonsense(chuckle). Though I know that there had been quite a few visitors, the participation level was so poor. Guys and gals, do post your comments after going through; it could also help you in closing down this site easily (chuckle again!)

However, I would have to stop using the name Vlog from now on. It was only recently that I came to know that Vlog actually stood for Video Blog. A new name is in the thinking process; will update it here once I get hold of one.

In 2008, the regulars would continue with added features. There will an inclusion of a new category “Will write whatever I like !” in the blog which would have topics that I cant fit anywhere in my current topics.

Following are some of the posts that would be a part of my blog next year; but not in any order :

  • Countdown of Top Ten Movies of 2007; Hindi and Tamil; the omission of Malayalam movies is deliberate as I could not watch most of the releases.

  • Some of my favourite songs rendered in my voice with(out) karaoke.(If 2007 had the Kenyan air crash and also the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, 2008 will witness one more such sad news !!!)

  • “ The people with whom I shared my room !!! ”

  • A post in Malayalam, written in English with no usage of English words. (Personally, a little excited about this !)

  • “ My Pregnant Girl Friend !!! ”

  • Vilm-Fair awards for Bollywood (only) for the year 2007.

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Thanks a lot everyone, for not giving up on me. Love you all.

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soneeta said...

hey vimal..Happy new yr.looks like u have got lots of new work on ur blog this yr.i hv gone through all d pages of ur blog..quite intresting n ur movie rewies r really good..m waiting 4 all d new posts.i thnk u shld b a bit more regular..n good dt u r posting ur songs 2.we r soon waiting 2 welcome a new playbk singer.