Sep 6, 2007

Current Favs

For a while I was thinking that I should write something about what I like the most. Music has been my sole companion right from my childhood and I dont think there would not be any day where I have not either hummed or listened to a song intentionally. To list down my most favourite songs is something next to impossible. I listen to almost all the songs of hindi, tamil and malayalam and that too as soon as it releases. I save them to my pc once I like them and then transfer them to my mobile to enjoy them frequently. To review a particular album is also beyond my scope since I do not have any idea on stuffs like interludes, placement, etc.

After putting in a lot of thought process on what to post, I have decided to list down the top ten songs from recently released albums (comprising of Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam) that I listen to presently. Initially, I had ideas to update it on a weekly basis, but that would be too much of pressure on me.hehehe.So this list would be updated only on a fortnightly basis. To reiterate, this list is only on the basis of what I like currently and not based on the sales or popularity of the albums. And guess what, after a couple of years, this list would also help me in tracing out the songs that I once used to listen to.

and so it starts....

1 Bhool Bhulaiya from Bhool Bhulaiya (Hindi)
2 Maula mere from Chak de India (Hindi)
3 Thirike njaan from Arabikadha (Malayalam)
4 Vizhiyil from Kreedom(Tamil)
5 Dil da mamla from Heyy baby (Hindi)
6 Soni di nakhre from Partner (Hindi)
7 Mazhavilin from Hallo (Malayalam)
8 Saathiya from Darling (Hindi)
9 Pesugiren from Satham Podaadey (Tamil)
10 Arabinaadu from Thottal Poo Malarum(Tamil)

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theSaintlySinner said...

I guess you might have to include
"In Dino Dil Mera" from Life in a Metro - I found the song really sweet.

Also, the Hariharan song from "Bheema" sounds good