Sep 26, 2007

Current Favs (Sep 10- 24)

Last two weeks had some of the best music releases in Hindi after a long time - Diwali biggies like Om Shanthi Om and Saawariyaa, Johnny Ghaddar and Choddon Na Yaar. Both the diwali releases are a disappointment in terms of the soundtrack. I guess, we would have to wait for the movie to complement those songs. The music of Johnny Ghaddar is simply awesome. One would have to listen to it a couple of times to get addicted, especially the one mentioned in this countdown and the remix of Move your body.Also listen to the other regional versions.

Thanks to the comment posted by The Saintly Sinner, I happen to revisit the song 'In Dinon' from Metro and it managed to get a position in my countdown based on its music and the wonderful lyrics. Sad to find no entry of Malayalam songs here , probably becuz there werent any recent releases. Same is the case with the Tamil songs, except for Tamizh M.A. and Satham Podaadey.

1. Mera Dholna from Bhool Bulaiyya(Hindi)
2. Johnny Ghaddar In The House from Johnny Ghaddar(Hindi)
3. Kasak Utti from Choddon Na Yaar(Hindi)
4. Ajab Si from Om Shanthi Om(Hindi)
5. In dinon from Metro(Hindi)
6. Saawariyaa from Saawariyaa(Hindi)
7. Para Para Pattampoochi from Tamizh M.A.(Tamil)
8. Meri Duniya from Heyy Baby(Hindi)
9. Soni Di Nakhre from Partner(Hindi)
10.Pesugiren from Satham Podaadey(Tamil)

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