Aug 12, 2007

Why am I like this? Its because of them!!! --Part 2

so where were we?.....ahhh, about the rest of my family right ? well, here it goes..

This is my ettan. He is a perfect blend of our parents. He has got the rough and tough looks of amma, but is very soft inside and melts like an ice.Like achchan, he is also a person of his principles and would love to lead his life abiding to the rules set by the society. In your first sight, he would seem reseved and conservative, but he is a person with an amazing sense of humor and once you get to know him, you would understand that. If there is anyone in the family that I respect, its him(I havnt used the word respect when i described my parents too) and thats only for his values in life and the way he carries himself. He knows what he wants in life and I feel he is very much proactive in his decisions.He had been an excellent student in terms of his academics as well as for his conduct.Such is his reputation in the school that whenever i visit,I would be referred as 'vinojs brother'. He is short tempered, but he exhibits his temper only when we dont listen to him or when we are going against the society. One would often see him with a book(a huuuge book work), or watching sports (a big time sports maniac that h
e is) and he has an unbelievable fascination for electronic goods. I always approach him for my stupid queries on internet,computers or any other electronics.His first reaction would be to scold and make me feel miserable, but at the next instance, he would come out with a solution for that too. Well, its not that he has pampered me in any way, but even when I am 80, I would continue disturbing him in the same way with my doubts and thereby being his evergreen, everlasting disturbance in life. I love my brother a lot and I guess there hasnt been and there will not be anyone whom I can love so much.Thanks,bro, for being there for me whenever I needed you and please for heavens sake, continue to be(hehehe)! By the way, he is a superb photographer and he sings so well but the sad part is that we would never get to hear him sing loudly or atleast when he knows that we are noticing.

Next is the latest entrant in the family whom I had a tough time understanding and I still have. She had become a part of the family 3 years ago and is my edathiamma now. Initially I had my problems with her, maybe it was because of my possessiveness on my brother or probably because of some communication issues between us. Whatever said and done, she is right now my best friend in the family and I believe I can count on her for anything. She has a great taste in fashion and as far as I have heard, she is an amazing window shopper. She must be aware of the fact that a way to a mans heart is through his stomach, cuz she is an excellent cook and could make anyone bowled over with her food. We could rarely find women of substance and I believe she is one. She has her own set of views and ideologies and is very assertive on them.She is too frank and has the courage to speak anything in front of anyone and I feel that, this is her strength as well as her weakness. You would find her always smiling and giggling and, beware , it would make you wonder as to why she is doing that all the time.

Here they are....arent they the cutest couple ever???

And this is our family :

.....whos that my brothers holding???.....oh no no no !... that is not what you think it is...thats our pet , snowy and he is also a part of our family. He made his entry in the year 2000 and I still remember the day I got him from my maths tutor, all small and cuddly. But as he grew, he turned out to be very ferocious and sometimes even we find him difficult to tame. He would never like you at the first instance, especially when you get scared of him or try to tease him. Very playful, obedient, intelligent and at the same time cunning.And guess what, though he speaks 'bow-wow', he understands malayalam so well. Atleast he isnt responsible for me being this way!!!


Ashwathy said...

in an age where ppl religiously hold their privacy close to themselves be it their personal life, family, work, thoughts, ANYTHING... its an interesting change to see someone keep his life an open book, with photographs to boot! be warned tho... u never know what trouble it can cause u by keeping ur heart on ur sleeve :) not that u need me to tell u!

ur blog has beautiful language and the injection of humour in places definitely brings a hearty chuckle or two, time and again. keep it coming! :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Ashwathy :

Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping this wonderful comment.

Hope to see more of you here. Btw, if you have a blog of your own, please do provide the link !

Ashwathy said...

yep.. its

started writing recently..

Swaram said...

Me loved this post n the pics. Lovely family :)

Ann Dee said...

Awww....your Snowy looks like a toy. Must be a cuddly little thing, eh?

I've a dog too...a lab but.