Aug 5, 2007

Why am I like this? Its because of them!!! --Part 1

Its been a few days since I came this way. Got held up during the last two weekends. Wait...whom am i givng all these explanations? This is my area, my Vlog !!!
After a series of movie reviews, i feel its high time I wrote something else , or else this would look like a blog created only for reviews.

Like the way I had written about me, I should also write about the people who brought me into this world and made me the person who I am now.
This is my achchan. Every son would say he has the best father in the whole world and I am no exception. He indeed is the best father anyone son could long for.More than a father, I admire him as a person. Being the eldest in the family, he had the responsibilty of the entire family. He discontinued his engineering course so that his siblings could atleast have primilinary education. He had to fight with his own destiny to take care of people who were dependent on him. He had gone through many hardships in life without losing confidence in himself. A completely self made man, full of principles and takes others problems on his own shoulders. There would not be another man in my knowledge who would love everyone so equally.He treats his nephews and nieces just like his own children and there are times when I felt that he is more partial towards them. A man with so many rich experiences in life that when he would start advising anyone, the intial words would be " when i was like u...".Boy! we used to keep our ears shut in our childhood whenevr he began that !!! A great son himself, a wonderful brother, a loving husband and the most caring father ever.And yet a child at heart !!!

And here is my amma. She has the looks of a military chief(probably, inherited from her army family) but she is one sweet, naive and harmless person. She is our strength especially my fathers and had been with him as a pillar throughout his hardships. She is extremely sensitive that she would feel so bad even for a crow getting drenched in the rain. She cannot see tears and the moment she sees someone crying, she gives them a company. A person with the strongest will-power I have ever seen, she defends the entire family with some sort of an invisible force shield. For me personally, she has been a motivation to shed my shyness and an encouragement to exhibit my talents. We usually initiate a quarrel with her to create a noise in the house , but when it comes to a point where she goes out of control , we run for our lives too. Together with our father, we usually keep pulling her legs and would corner her, but at the end, all of us turn against our dad. She doesnt agree to any of our wishes initially, but later on she would be the person to initiate things and would go to any extent to make it happen. We are glad that we are brought up in this way and life would have been quite different if not for her. And guess what, she is an excellent cook too !

Together they are the best parents ever and most importantly a perfect couple !!!

This post had the term 'We' in a lot of instances instead of 'I' .My next post would be about that person. And also about a person that completes him- the latest entrant in our happy (touchwood u guys !!!) family.

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Ok - which photo of mine are you going to put up over there???? And enne patti eenthokke nunayaanu nee ezhuthan poghunnathu...?!!!!