Jul 17, 2007

My view : Sivaji - The loose script.

The views about this movie are personal and any coincidences to any other review is only because someone somewhere is thinking just like me.

At last the most awaited tamil movie of the year has finally seen the light with a release date that kept fluctuating every fortnight and thus making the producers of all the smaller movies to postpone their release dates. There were contests in tv , radio , websites and evn in shopping malls to win the tickets of the rajnikanth-shankar movie. There were fans in some parts of tamil nadu who were wishing their super star by offering themselves to have food from the temple grounds and piercing thier tounges.. Such was the hype created for this movie that CNN-IBN and Headlines Today had a half an hour slot abt rajnikanth a week before the release. I didn’t want to miss the excitement either, but it was next to impossible for me to get hold of the tickets. Somehow when I got an opportunity, I made use of it.
Even before the release of sivaji, the story was out in various websites. But looking at shankars and rajnikanths movie track record, the original story used to be entirely different from what came out before the release. Well, to be frank, that was my expectation too. Half an hr past the movie itself, u know wher the story is heading to and it was exactly what i had read a couple of months back. That was my first disappointment. The story is very simple , a rich software engineer (obviously our superstar) --who was infact very poor before , returns to chennai from the states to build his dream of setting up educational institutes and hospitals that would give away free service. He comes with 200 crores ( a software engineer and 200 crores????) , but ends up paying most of his money as bribe for starting his venture. At last, he gets the permission to start the construction.Oh I forgot to mention the villain who comes in between, must be becuz he happens to be the most insignificant bad guy in the whole of rajni movies. The villain played by Suman ( role rejected by mohanlal and amitabh.Now, i know why!) is also in the same 'business' of colleges and hospitals and he gets paranoid seeing all what sivaji is upto. He starts doing so many things to bring sivaji down and finally he succeeds and he also manages to make sivaji a pauper . Oh god, did i forget the heroine now? The heroine comes some wher in between and shakes a few legs.the irony is sivaji wud get married only to a girl with 'tamil kalaachaaram', but in all the dance and dream sequences, he imagines her in 'hardly wearing clothes kalaachaaram'. Getting back to the story, sivaji becomes a pauper and decides to take revenge on all who has 'karuppu panam' wid them. He, with a one rupee coin ( given by the villain as a sort of 'pitchai') , transforms into his second avatar--this time the boss, becomes even richer and finally succeeds to fulfill his dream.In the meanwhile, our sivaji gets married and is a man of gr8 reputation in the society.I had a doubt at this point. If sivaji wanted to see the poor gettng eradicated from the society, why does he need such a huge home to live in, flashy four wheelers and even helicopters for him to travel. Y doesnt he donate all this to the poor ?? Fine, now the cops are behind him , the villains are behind him , but its his own wife that finally manages to send him behind bars. In a very illogical way, sivaji dies in prison and comes back as MGR – mottai boss ( third avatar! gawd !!! ) to finish his villains in a matrix cum spider man style and thts wher the movie ends. A usual rags to riches to rags to evn richer story which we had seen in all the recent movies of rajnikanth leaving alone baba and chandramukhi.
Sad to see such a delivery from some of the best technicians in the industry This movie had an unsual combination of shankar-rajni-a.r.rahman-thotta dharani-k..v. anand and also AVM. The movie , in all respects , defies logic in various sequences and it need not be pinpointed for one to find it out. A shankar movie usually has a different class and he manages to convey a message in his movies.This movie has a wafer thin story line and a very weak script. It seems, shankar had written the script for this movie during his sleep.The first half is supposed to be filled with laughter and romance, the second half with the usual rajni masalas. Rajni is too old to romance , and tht too with a heroine who luks so young (Vaidvukarishi, who acted as sivajis mom , luked younger than rajni on screen). The comedy in the first half is one among the plus points of the movie, the others being ar rahman, and also the cinematography. Vivek has done a wonderful job again, he had completely over shadowed rajni in the first half who acts as his maternal uncle. His presence is through out in the first half and not to be seen in the second half.One would wonder why and at times wud want more of him. He evn gets to say the punch dialogues here. Coming back to the heroine, she is the worst heroine ever for the superstar. Too young looking (not her fault , though) , no expressions and very little to do in the movie except to look gud.
There was also a lot of hype regarding the song sequences and the choreography. But ruling out the sets, location and the music, thers nothin new. The worst picturised and choreographed song is the rajni-intro song itself which comes from no where in the movie and that too after 15 mins of his actual intro. With such good lyrics, the song could have been picturised in a better way than roping the superstars ex-heroine.Infact the song reminds you of Anniyans 'randakka randakka' again by shankar with a similar back ground and choreography.Probably becuz, randakka rhymes with balelakka !!!
There was somethng which actually amazed me when watching the movie. Theres a punch dialogue of sivaji which is currently famous about pigs coming in groups and lion being single. This is a dialogue from an arjun starrer GIRI which had released about two years ago. Sad that no one noticed it whn arjun said, and now when the very same words came from the superstars' mouth, it became a huge hit among the masses. Well, such is the power of the superstar and we got to admit that. The one scene which is absurd would be when rajni gets introduced to shreyas neighbour who insists him to marry any one of his daughter. The daughters look dark and for that reason sivaji rejects them. A superstar with such a stature has been degraded in that particular scene, especially when thers a lot of talk and gimmicks in the movie itself abt sivaji being dark !!!
I guess, thts too many information abt the movie. You would have to watch the movie to see some of the wierdest and most illogical scenes ever in Indian cinema, like sivajis interactive IBM notebook, office room concept, the final stunt scene where cash flies from a roof top. All this proves that the hype before the release wasnt created by the media alone.

To sum it up, if you want to watch the movie, pls keep your brains safely at home and never utter a word of discomfort like i did during the movie( in case , u r watching it in public).Sivaji is a complete let down; both from the superstar and from the superdirector. This is neither a true Rajnikanth movie nor is this 'a film by shankar' !!!

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