Dec 6, 2008

Couldnt come up with a title !!!

People, I sincerely apologize for disappearing from the blogosphere for a couple of days. My mind was all messed up and couldn’t focus on any anything. But being away doesn’t mean that I wasn’t updated with any of your recent posts, its just that I refrained myself from any sort of commenting. I am yet to even reply to the comments that I received for my earlier posts. For the last few weeks, I hadn’t written anything worthwhile and even Children of God, my previous post, was merely a cut copy paste work; help extended to one of my friend. I understand that a blogger is entrusted with certain responsibilities once he/she enters the blogosphere, and I feel disgusted to have been away from you all. I hereby pledge to perform my duties as a blogger from now on without fail.

Inspite of being silent, V- Lokam still managed to receive two more recognition – Butterfly award for the Coolest Blog from Verbivorehere and a Trophy from Rakesh Vanamaali. Thanks guys, it really means a lot to me. I am hereby passing over these awards to everyone in my blogroll. (Please get the picture from here and paste it in your blogs)

With all the horrible things that had been happening around us, I don’t know if I should really embark on celebrating this particular post. This is the 100th post of V-Lokam and I thank each and everyone who has made this journey a memorable one. It took me one year and 3 months (Oct 22nd) to reach 5k visitors and I am proud to inform you all that in less than 3 months, the counter is about to touch another 5k. Thanks once again.

At this juncture, I thought I would mention some of my best posts here, some of them recognized well enough and others that were written during my early days of blogging, which went unnoticed. A widget with a list of my fav posts is already up in the sidebar.

Most commented post:
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The 5k milestone

Most visited post:
An incident of Web abuse

(There is a visit to this post everyday, obviously for wrong reasons. There is a mention of a porn site, which I believe is driving visitors to this post)

Posts that I wished had more visitors/comments:
I killed him !!!
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When did..??
Why..why..but why ??
The Expansionist Meme
Being weird is fun, especially at the movies

I, now realize why the last two posts weren’t noticed, tags are supposed to be passed on !!!
The whole concept of tagging was new to me back then and moreover, whom do I tag, all I knew in the blogosphere during those days was Poonam.

Better (very) late than never, I hereby tag :

Expansionist Meme : Aaarti, Apar, Archana, Pradeep, Rakesh, Rads, Vinod and Whacky

Tag on Movie quirks : Smita, Oxy, Su, Reema, Aparna, Bhargavi, Nikhil and Verbivorehere

Now, time for some updates. The tab ‘This is how I heard them’ which had my songs will now be known as ‘My version’. I have included two more tabs under the header - one for Tags (inspired from Su) and another on the Raagamalika show (would feature the entire ‘They shot me !!!’ series and the videos of all the 8 episodes). Also planning to include a ‘Next on V-Lokam’ widget to the side bar. As the name suggests, that would indicate the next post in the blog. I really don’t know how feasible this is because certain posts are updated all of a sudden and this widget would not make any sense then.

There is a post that I am yet to work on and I can’t avoid it, as it was a part of my blog resolution. I had mentioned it here long ago. It’s a Malayalam post written in English without the usage of any English words. I know it sounds silly especially when most of my readers are not going to make out anything from that post. Havent even thought about a topic yet, but a resolution is a resolution and I have to keep it up.

I am ending this post here, quite abruptly; my little brain is preoccupied with a lot of things. The attacks in Mumbai, a rain that destroyed my home and the properties inside, a good friendship that is on the verge of breaking up because of misunderstandings, and a few more important decisions that I need to take. As mentioned before, my mind is messed up, big time; it’s craving for peace!


Anonymous said...

thnx a lot for the award man! it is quite humbling to know tht the tags page will come up coz of me! :) i know that this tag included, i have 3 tags from u alone and i'l try my best to post them asap :)

more importantly, it is good to know that you are safe and sound, and tht u r keeping yourself steady in tuff times. i hope that not much damage befell ur home coz of the flood and i sincerely pray to god to restore your friendship to the happiest level!

have a good day! :)

rads said...

Congratulations on your 100th post, and visits! :)

I know the last week hasn't been the best, but it's the smaller stuff like this that brings back the smile on our face and hope rekindles. So keep it going.

btw, I don't see my name in any of your taggee list :\ Did you just forget to add, or you mistook me for someone else? Either way, thank you! :)

also, a small request: in your blogroll could you please use my nick? Rads instead of my full name? Thank you very much, just being picky :) sorry!

Sakhi said...

hey thanks buddy for the award!! :) and for the tag as well, but i have already done the tag a loooooooonnnnnngggg time ago! :)

I wish everything gets settled down at your end. For the mumbai blast and the rains, i think was not in your hands but your friendship is... so i wish that you are able to solve the problem at the earliest! Take care!

Vishesh said...

thanks :) keep the posts coming :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Movie quirks is a veeerrryy old tag, even I have done that in cartoon format & congrats on your 100th post.

Smita said...

Hi Vimal :)

Thanks for the award though I wouldn't say the same for Tags :P I know I know am a bad sport as far as tags are concerned, sigh!!!!

I hope things are lot better as far as your home is concerned & trust me we all have such phases in life and we need to remember just one thing, this too will pass :) so just be yourself....

AV said...

thnx a lottt dude!!! :) :)

Bhargavi said...

Vims .. chins up.. things will work out fine .. v r meeting tommorrow for dinner..u game?... RSVP to Vinod .. he's making the reservations.. tag huh, bugger ..danks for the award , thou .. SMILE NOW !!

Varun said...

Thanks a lot for the award and congratulations on your 100th post. Things at home will definitely improve... Take care...

Reema said...

"my little brain is preoccupied with a lot of things. " Ok so that means u do have a brain. :P :D

Take care dear. Things will get well soon.

Indian Home Maker said...

Thanks :)
Not only for the Award, but also for blog rolling me!

Reets said...

Good to see ur 100th post... Hope many more landmarks are reached by the blog.. The new outlook wherein u have redefined and added some new segments seems promising.
Keep the good work going....:)Sure things gonna be back to normal soon!!Cheer up vimmuuu

Anonymous said...


YOu have reached one landmark : 100 th post and you are about to reach another one of 10k visits. :)

And thanks for the awards, I will post them on my blog. :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...


Am glad to see that you are back! Many congratulations on the awards, you very much deserve them!

I hope you overcome your times of tribulation soon and bounce back to your usual vibrant self!

Thanks very much for the award and also for tagging me!

Do take care!



Smita said...

A sweet little surprise for you here..

Anonymous said...

congratz for 100posts buddy ,,

and thanks for the award :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Everyone :

The friendship is restored. Thanks a lot everyone.

@ Harsha :

Yeah, now that you have posted one of them, you better do the rest soon. LOL. I am not good at it, am I ?

@ Rads :

Thanks alot Rads.

Already explained you the taggee issue. But now that you are there, pls do it soon. and the request, thats done !!!

@ Sakhi :

Hmmm, you always escape some way or the other when I tag you !!! Have you attempted both the tags??? If no, try the one that you havent !!!

Thanks for the wishes.

vimmuuu said...

@Vishesh :

Your welcome. and sure will !

@ Anshul :

Welcome to V-Lokam.

Its a pleasure to see you here man. You have done that in cartoon format? I guess I missed it. It will be great if you reply to this comment with that link. Thanks a lot.

@ Smita :

Excuses, excuses...I need the tag soon! LOL.

Thanks alot. everything has slowly started getting into place.

@ AV :

No problem; my pleasure !!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Bhargavi :

Your welcome. and no escaping from tags !!!! Sorry to have missed out the dinner (if you guys really had one such); im getting back to normalcy and I guess by this week, I will be back in action.

@ Varun :

Your welcome and thanks a lot for the wishes man.

@ Reema :

Grrr...yes, I do have one, thats what the docs said the last time!!

Thanks a lot yaar.

@ IHM :

Gee, I had blogrolled you long ago. You are welcome.

vimmuuu said...

@ Reets :

Thanks a lot Reeta. The next on widget will take some more time.

@ Poonam :

Thanks a lot blogmate. Yeah, please put them soon. waiting for the Avant Garde award results !!!

@ Arvind :

Thanks man. You are welcome. now go ahead and display them soon.

Vee said...

Congrats for the Century Boy!!!

Thanks for the awards and I shall do the tag soon. (ah, u know my weakness. If its related to movies, there is no way that I won't do it.)

Ah, I myself have been part of at least 3 friendships-ruined-cuz-of-misunderstandings So I cannot advice much on that. All I say if May u get peace.

Anonymous said...

Yes.. I have decided to start a page on my blog dedicated to TAGS! It shall be done.. ALL THE TAGS!!! :-)

vimmuuu said...

@ Oxy :

I know, thats why I tagged you on that !!!

Btw, my friendship is back to normal and I hope yours would too.

@ Aparna:

Welcome back to V-Lokam. LOL.

Yeah, you have hell lot of tags to complete !!!

Anonymous said...

Movie tag - DONE! :-) Look for it in the new page!

Anonymous said... - Try this link for now - am still meddling around with wordpress.. :-)

Vinz said...

Vimal Dude...

thanks for the awards..
i hope u get many more awards and you pass on to me too..