Dec 13, 2008

The Meanest Tag and the Coolest Award ever !!!

Guys, believe me, this is the meanest and the weirdest tag ever ! and of course, the most creative one that I have ever attempted too. Thank you, Pavan, for tagging me and I also thank Su for your joint efforts with Pavan in coming up with such a tag. This is my first battle with MS Paint and I hope I have lived upto the expectations of my tagger.

Here are the rules:
  1. You must use all the five words given to you by your tagger and draw pictures using paint or GIMP or any other photo editing tool.
  2. Each picture must be self explanatory when you relate it to the given word.
  3. Each word MUST have at least one picture attributed to it.
  4. You have to draw them yourself. No suggestions from a second person.
  5. You need to pass it on to other people with a fresh set of 5 words.

These are the 5 words assigned to me :

1. Mist

2. Teach

3. Umbrella

4. Dump
5. King

I tag the following people ( I pity you all, but I have no choice. Buhahahahahha) :

Your 5 words are : Music, Communication, Riot, Profession and Parents

Btw, I thank each one of you who had casted their valuable vote for me. I am referring to Poonams Avant Garde Bloggie Awards where in I was awarded the Most Responsive Blogger Award. Thanks a lot Poonam for creating such an opportunity for all of us. and btw, next year, I am going to nominate this post under the Best Tag Category.LOL.

Updated after publishing the post : Went to inform IHM on the tag and this is what I found :

Thankssss a lot IHM and thanks a lot people for all the love bestowed on me. This marks the 12th recognition for V-Lokam, all in a span of just 7 months.


Vinz said...

Congrats Buddy for the awards...
more to come on ur way..

keep entertaining..!!


Anonymous said...

Good going....:) Keep it up, btw ur first attempt @ MS Paint is commendable.:)

Varun said...

Very neatly done. I liked the Umbrella one very much! Thanks a lot for tagging me... I am sure I'll enjoy doing this tag :)

Congratulations for your award. Reply soon now or else you'll lose your award next year :)

Aparna said...

Hey!! You have done the tag beautifully! Impressed!
Congrats on your awards...
So, where is the treat? :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for winning all the awards. :)
I have also been tagged to do this one(which I am quite scared to take up because of my pathetic skills at mspaint) and I must say that you have done it very creatively.

Vishesh said...

now that is 10 words for me :P I am going to have some fun! lol :P

btw superb pics :)

Reema said...

Congrats!!! and u have a good hand at art!

P.S Ofcourse u would win the most responsive blogger. After all ur responses have put u today in this position :P

Vinz said...

yeah..vimal..i saw them...and i have registered my thanks over there in the comments session..


Rakesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rakesh said...

Oh My god!
this is the 1st time i am seein a stickman on steroids! hehe

[err...btw whts with aamir's 3rd leg??!!] hehe

Thts very nice of u to draw SRK with the Chak de hockey stick..hehe

hmm..i think AB senior has a white beard not black..plz note tht!

and wht happened to poor he paralysed? he seems to be sitting on tht chair or is it a wheel chair?..poor fellow..buahaha


Smita said...

Man, you are good in drawing as well???

Congrats for all very deserving awards :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats for the awards dude! :) and thnx a lot for doing the meanest, yet a creative tag, and supporting it :)
I'm mighty impressed at the social cause the pics support. Hats off to you man!
and by the way, if you wish to do another tag, (wch i doubt you would :D ) see this :P

You being the most responsive blogger is not a fake by any means. U deserve the award buddy :)

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done! :D I liked Umbrella and I just LOVED KING. :D :D Nice one. :)

Vee said...

I am surprised.. Of all the people who have done this, Yours stand out .. Simply awesome.. 'KING' one is hilarious, 'UMBRELLA' is quite creative but my fav is Teach...

And now that u have done it so fucking well, I need to be quite serious about doing my tag now and try to beat you... Muhahahahaha....

Anonymous said...

cngratz dude. .
nice pics ..u are good in it ..
I have already been tagged by pavan ..
Nw i am cnfused whse wrds shuld i take ..cant draw 10 pics :D

vimmuuu said...

@ Vinu :

Thanks a lot man ! Will do my best!

@ Reets :

Thanks Reeta. First attempt as in first serious attempt. I have tried MS Paint during our school days when we started learning what computer was.

@ Varun :

Thanks a lot Varun. Yeah, Im sure you will enjoy doing the tag.

@ Apar :

Thanks a lot. waiting to see your version of this tag! and wheres the whaaat??...cant hear...hello...hellooo...

vimmuuu said...

@ Amit :

Welcome to V-Lokam. Its a pleasure to have you here.

All the best for the tag.LOL.Even I was scared, but once the ideas come, it wudnt b difficult.Im waiting to see your version now.

@ Vishesh :

Oh..thats nice, but you already are doing somewhat similar in your blog.ITs going to be a piece of cake for you !!!

@ Reema :

Thanks a lot yaar. Waiting to see your version of this tag. and all the best for your exams !

@ Rakesh :

Gawwwwd. Theres no other caricature for SRK.Moreover, people consider that as his one of his best movies so far(though I dont)..I cant show him over-acting and stammering in a picture, rt? LOL..

Aamirs third leg was a mistake. Im glad you noted it.LOL.and you are the only person to note it.your eyes !!!

Its a white backdrop, so how do I show a white beard.and moreover its grey and not black.

Im not an Akshay Fan, but right now, he is the KING and theres no doubt about it.

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

Thanks a lot ji. As mentioned, this is the first time with MS Paint, and moreover, psst psst...look closely, I actually havnt drawn anyting !!!

@ Harsha :

Thanks a lot buddy. and another tag...Thanks again. I love doing tags. But that will take some time.I need to post something other than tags and awards.LOL

@ Pavan :

Thanks a lot man, for the comment and alos for tagging me.

@ Oxy :

Wow, now thats the best comment ever(referring to the title of this post).LOL. Thanks a lot Oxy Boy.

I am sure you would come up with a better version.All the best. (so much for your evil laugh, huh? BUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot buddy. and another tag...Thanks again. I love doing tags. But that will take some time.I need to post something other than tags and awards.LOL

That you definitely need to. I am missing your mainline posts. :)

Poonam Sharma said...

YOu have done this tag with lot of creativity. THis is the toughest tag you have passed my way. It will take some time I would be able to do it. BUt will do it. :)

Sakhi said...

hey first of all, congrates for the awards and also for doing such a great tag.. it is no doubt difficult and you have done an awesome job.. the best so far...

And i think i will take this one up... :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats dude! You deserved the awards! And well done on the tag - you handled yourself pretty well! :)

Smita said...

Cheating!!! Cheating!!! Cheating!!! Cheating!!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Pavan :

Sure do man !

@ Poonam :

Im waiting for your version !!!

@ Sakhi :

You better take this one up. LOL. You have been rejecting my tags for a very long time with some odd reason !!! Thanks a lot for the comments.

@ Nikhil :

Thanks man !!! Waiting for your version !!!

@ Smita :

Grrr...I dint cheat.At all. I made my point clear with the pictures, right? The first one was more circles and spray paint, the second one was just that square like thingy available in paintbrush for blackboard with the text insertion, i drew the umbrella and again text insertions, the fourth one had no shape to draw as it didnt require a shape except for the dustbin which again was straight lines and circles, the fifth one was the only one which comes close to drawing, again, circles, squares and straight lines. So no cheating !!!!!

Smita said...

:D :D :D

Then why are u defending yourself :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats dude on the award!!! Awesome!! :-)

So, you are a good writer, singer AND single? 'Daal mein kuch kaala hai'!! I hear something from Knee-Kill!! :-)

& P.S - That tag is the toughest ever man! How did you do it? Good one!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Man u have done the Tag so nicely..really! So imaginative and innovative.. I pity ur children though (i bet your better half would teach them somethng better ;P)
btw i have added u in gtalk and no response so far :(

Rakesh Vanamali said...


This is awesome! I loved the Teach and the Umbrella. Although, they appear very trivial as words, you have made a very powerful statement while illustrating them!

Many Congratulations on the well-deserved awards!

Btw, I've sent you an invite on Linkedin!

Bhargavi said...

congrats on all the lovely awards .. lol on mist-terious ...hee hee .. dat was ingenuous..u r paint-shopping skills are pretty commendable , must say !!

Anonymous said...

congrats on all th awards!!

and waste dumping one is amazing, i say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

If I dont speak for myself, who else will. LOL !! Oh wait, theres Oxy boy to argue with you! Oxy...where are yoi???Save me from her !!!

@ Aparna :

I know, it was sooo tough. managed to do it though.

Daal is not kaala, its something else thats kaala.LOL. Waiting to break the knee cap of knee-kill!

Btw, when are you doing the tag??

@ Verbivorehere :

You are there in my gtalk list. Its that these days I dont appear for chatting.Getting a lot busier with certain other things, u see !!

Y do you pity my children ???

@ Rakesh 2 :

Thanks a lot Rakesh. waiting for your version.

I did get the invite. I am so sorry for not responding. I have just opened an account in Linked in, went in there recently, but didnt know what to do. LOL. I have been asked by my friends to be active in that community. will do it soon.Once again I apologise.

@ Bhargavi :

Thanks a lot.Y dont you come up with urs?

@ Priya :

Thanks a lot. You are the only person who has mentioned about dumping. Now its complete!LOL!

Anonymous said...

Vimmuuuuu,that was a well done tag,indeed..I loved the umbrella..Kudos to your positive thoughts...

Congrats for the award..Keep blogging :)

Good day

Anonymous said...

WAH! ur pretty good in painting also! :)

n Congrats for all the awards!!