Nov 11, 2007

My View :Om Shanti Om-"DARD - hEi - MUJKKO"

The first time Farah Khan held the megaphone for Main Hoon Na, she had made a statement to defend her films quality. Two years later when she came up with Om Shanti Om, she still has the same words – a tribute to the movies made in the 70’s. How long is Ms.Khan going to penalize the audience with such an excuse for not having better scripts? A similar tribute (70’s movies) was released a few months back; Sriram Raghavans’ Johnny Gaddar and what a movie that was! I know I should not expect a quality movie from such a camp; but this kind of film making is absurd and is a bad example of entertainment. OSO is strictly for people who have nothing better to do in life and this should have been included as a statutory warning during their extravagant marketing campaign. The movie is a blockbuster, no doubt, but deserves only to be an average grosser.

The movie is completely based on two words- Reincarnation and Revenge; and of course a couple of spoofs about the film industry thrown in here and there. The lighter moments in the movie, of course, makes us smile. But there are certain scenes , for example the moments where Shah Rukh appears as the South Indian Super star and a Superhero, which looks awkward and equally boring. Not revealing the ‘story’ here; its what we all had guessed before the release of the movie. The first half is good and refreshing, but the second half except for the star studded song disappoints and draaaaaags.

Shah Rukh (as both Om’s) looks charming and it is very obvious that the film was originated keeping only him in mind. He does his best and the role is a cake walk for him. Infact, poor fella can not do anything more than this in the name of acting. However, anyone would still love him in his old avatar without the packs and would wish him to come back with his normal body and also most importantly with his face (he looks as if he has got a lot of dimples on his face). Deepika (as Shanti and Sandhya) has all the potentials to emerge as the next star in bollywood; all those kareenas and eshas, make way for this gorgeous as well as talented lady. But she is under utilized and could have had more scenes in the second half. Shreyas Talpade (as Pappu) is sweet , but again a gifted actor like him has very little to do. It is Arjun Rampal ( Mukesh aka Mike) in the negative shades who deserves all the accolades; a surprisingly good performance. Kiron Kher as the over the top mother is also good. Special appearances from Akshay and Abhishek evoke laughter.

The movie complement the songs and the hyped star studded and six packed song is completely forced in the movie, an attempt just to pull in the crowds. Nevertheless, the star studded song was a treat to watch especially when Kajol appears on screen with Shah Rukh; but what was Aftab, Dino,Tusshar and Arbaaz doing in such a song. The sets by Sabu Cyril deserve a mention. The creative attempts especially when the credits roll in the beginning and the end would also leave an impression. The dialogues are just ok and some of them comes repeated more than thrice which gets onto your nerves. The movie lacks continuity too; Shah Rukhs hair is long and short in continuous cenes. Also the song “Main Agar Kahoon” was obviously filmed after he had developed the six packs but the song appears in the first half and the pack avatar of Shah Rukh comes only in the second half.

If it was Sivaji, this year, in the south for the over hype and no substance, it is OSO in the north. The movie would please the hard core fans of Shah Rukh as he is present in almost all the frames. It would also please the junta who are looking for an excuse in the form of an entertainment. Dvd’s of Ms.Khans so called 70’s inspired movies and a recent filmfare award function would entertain me in a much better way.


Nitin said...

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Anonymous said...

hi vimal...
went through all ur movie reviews.amazing...i really think reading ur reviews before going to watch a movie is a better option..hey,bt where's ur review on "sawariya"?

theSaintlySinner said...

Although the movie is pure masala, you should credit the film makers to present a story of re-incarnation in a different manner and still earn money out of it. Do you think at this age that a movie on re-incarnation and revenge would make this much money? I doubt it!
And Farah Khan infact revealed such thoughts through Arjun Rampal's character when he questions the profitability of a movie having re-incarnation as the theme.
Although, the end was inevitable and known from the start, the audience has given the thumbs up to this movie, purely on its entertainment value. It is a movie sans aesthetic value, but then you have to wonder which spoof speaks of aesthetic value.
I personally liked Farah Khan's second creation many times better than her maiden venture. Most of the frames seemed to radiate the fun time the movie makers had while filming.
Overall, as they term it, the movie is "Paisa Vasool".

Reets said...

Hello Vimmuuu,

I Truly agree with what u hv mentioned in the review. Its a mere waste of time and money to watch it..Any person has to make sure they leave their brains back home when they are going to watch this movie.Another peculiarity about this movie is that -- How could the Superstar Rajesh Kapoor's Son look like Om Prakash Makhija( Shahrukh Khan's first avatar sans six packs, just cos his car bumped into Om Prakash Makhija) in the movie.Another absurd thing is the spirit of Shanthi Priya appearing in the climax..The only saving grace of the movie is its music

rakesh said...

he he he....i agree with the saintly sinner!!hehe