Oct 17, 2007

Current Favs (Oct 1-Oct 15)

I was wrong, totally wrong in judging the songs of Saawariyaa too soon. The songs after repeated listening would make you an addict, for sure. Now I hope if the movie would be half as good as the songs. But I still stick on to my judgement about the songs of Om Shanthi Om. A total waste of time attempting to listen to it repeatedly.

There are a couple of new entries in the countdown. No malayalam songs yet, though there were releases like Chocolate, Nasrani and Paradesi.

1. All the songs from Saawariyaa (Hindi)
2. Mere Dholna from Bhool Bulaiyaa (Hindi)
3. Johnny Ghaddar In The House from Johnny Ghaddar (Hindi)
4. Jab Bhi -Female version from No smoking (Hindi)
5. Laaga Chunari Mein Daag from Laaga Chunari Mein Daag (Hindi)
6. Unakaaga Thaane from Kattradhu Tamizh/Tamizh M.A. (Tamil)
7. Tum Se Hi from Jab We Met (Hindi)
8. Kasak Utti from Choddon Na Yaar(Hindi)
9. Main Agar Kahoon from Om Shanthi Om(Hindi)
10. In Dinon from Metro(Hindi)

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