Jan 10, 2009

Scariest movie part 8 !!!

Peoplessss, the below video was shot inside our office for our 2008 annual day celebrations.

Directed by: KK (Krishna Kumar)
Story & Screenplay, SFX by : Vimmuuu (oh, that’s me !)
Editing, Cinematography by : VJ (Vijay Shankar)


A ghost 'accidently' enters the sales floor of Synaptris at 12 am during the quarter end. The US sales force which works during the night hours, commonly referred as the ‘Graveyard Shift’ were the only people left in the building. Little did she know that the sales force is even scarier than her likes during the quarter-end because of the sales pressure. The ghost experiences a tough time trying to scare them, but all her efforts go in vain. She gets fed up, frustrated and bored, and begins to leave when she suddenly realizes something !

It is a 09. 31 video and could be viewed by any age group as it does not have obscenity in any form. The end credits would help you understand the cast and crew.

***Spoilers ahead ***

Now few words from me as the scriptwriter (Man! Am I enjoying this or what ???) :

Its my first attempt at 'physical' scripting (in 3hrs flat :D). So please, don’t look for logic. It’s as nonsensical as a David Dhawan or a Priyadarshan movie. The histrionics you watch in the video is just a replica of what we actually do during our office timings. A couple of scenes had to be altered taking the actors image and situation into consideration. For example, the video starts with the ghost entering the gate when the security enquires about the ID card and later on the ghost takes the lift to reach us. And the scene involving me was supposed to be entirely different; I would be opening my blog and compelling the ghost to go through my latest post. But according to the director, that would spoil my image and so the next best characteristic of mine was shot. The video was supposed to end with the wallpaper scene “When in doubt, just sell”, but we extended it a little bit from there to....ummm…to…aaah! don’t ask me, ask the director !!!

Please drop in your comments about the video.


Reema said...

LOL :D nice! u should have mentioned the actors too in the post.

Bhargavi said...

vetti pasangala... hot ghost though ;-) .. i like the one where the guy asks for a sutta.. hee hee .. good fun da !! and looks like a real;ly fun environment to work in ..

Vee said...

Haha-larious... liked when the ghost herself got scared of someone more scarier than her... (that long hair dude),

this is long else u cud have sent this to PFC for their one-minute movie contest..:):)

praddy said...

haha really a good one man..made my day..i just saw it twice.

so do we see a future script writer in here? i see a competition for nautankey :P

Reets said...

Finally managed to see it. Well shot and kinda innovative idea. Esp the special effects are too good, the bgm is also cool.... guess u folks at synaptris are really hard working, nothing in the world wud deter ur commitment...Keep it up:)Keep doing similar stuff and uploading it

Anonymous said...

funny !!! funny!! really funny!! hilarious!

Bgm was the best !

i liked when that guy asked for the cigarette! yekshikal chunamba chodikaaru...

Vishesh said...

lol,the singing part was good :) Sela edathila konjam artificalya irundhudu..good for the first try.. more videos in the future?

Btw you got featured in the tales of thondiraja :P

Anonymous said...

he he, funny really, I think if the Ghost just presented the boss with order cancellations, he would've been scared :) he he

Praveen said...

hehehe..nice work thr:D
the long haired guy was scary

a suggestion-video cud've been made a little shorter to avoid the slight lag in the middle..anyway enjoyed it:D

yaaradi nee mohini:P

Rakesh said...

thts one hot ghost! hehe..

i liked tht werewolf guy! brilliant performance by him...
rest all weird bad acting..
i liked the effects man..tht was superb!...

u could have included an item song music video in the ending..tht would have been great!!

Dar-hai-kisko?!! Dar-hai-kisko?! Dar-hai-Kisko?!

Anonymous said...

hehe he...
so this was the script u wrote while u wr traveling in d auto.wonder where u get the inspiration from.may be coz of staying all alone in dt scary house of 2BHK where water keeps oozing from d walls and u get all scary noise of some insect in d middle of the night....n etc etc

Anonymous said...

That was great!
And you are allowed to take handycams in your office? We are not even allowed camera phones. :(

vimmuuu said...

@ Reema :

I thought I would, but then the post itself would look very long. But it comes in the credits, didnt you notice ?

@ Bhargavi :

Hehehe. Yeah, it really is.

@ Oxy :

Thanks Oxy boyy, that long haired dude is infact a very handsome chap. made the poor guy look like that.

and thanks again for the PFC mention. Thats an honor !

vimmuuu said...

@ Pradeep :

Twice?? Thanks man !! You made my day...err..night now !! (ewwwwww!!!)
...threat to nautankey?nahhhh ! That guy is born that way !!

@ Reets :

Im glad that you could watch it. But why didnt it work when I send you the link? We at Synaptris, hard working...WE HARDLY WORK ! LOL !!

@ Rekha :

Thanks. LOL. I didnt know that, I had to ask one of my friend.

vimmuuu said...

@ Vishesh :

More videos??? Im planning too. but I guess there wouldnt be this much of cooperation the next time! Thanks for the mention man ! I was truly errr...honored !

@ Rakesh 3 :

Welcome to V-Lokam.

The number 3 after your name is because there are two more Rakeshs commenting here.

LOL, that was a nice idea. now why didnt I think of that?? A possibility for a sequel, huh ?

@ Praveen :

Thanks Praveen. We wanted to show each sales person and yeah, I guess thats why it dragged in the middle.

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

Thanks man. Compliments conveyed to the werewolf. LOL.

Wow, the item number sounds like a good idea. I couldve edited the bloopers with the song in the background, na? Ok, next time !!

@ Soneeta :

Yup, in the auto alright ! and grrr....for the house !!!! A aprt of this was my dream and I just developed it in this way. My dream was my inspiration (Its time i stopped speaking this way !)

@ Amit :

Yup, anything is ok here. As long as we do our numbers, its fine with the management.
"Its all about loving your numbers" :D

Rakesh said...

hey call me next time if u need the lyrics of the "Dar-he-kisco" song..

"woh paseena..woh geela towel....

u can use it in ur sequel..hehe!

Nautankey said...

If ghosts are so cute....man I am changing my profession to a ghost buster:P...intro to the ghost puhleasse :)

Good one,the initial part sound[dialogues] was not a bit clear but later on it got better.And who is that guy who scares away ghosts with his singing :D :D

Smita said...

:D LOL....

Saw this with mute button pressed (due to some reason) but was busy giggling away to glory :D

Indian Home Maker said...

LOL :) I have not seen your other ghosts and I am still new here, first there was that bisexual song and now this !!!!
This one had be laughing aloud, and feeling very sheepish when the maid came to see if I was delirious (I have slight fever today)

This was such mad, insane fun. Brilliant. My kids will love it too :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Vimz, for some reason the video itself does not appear when I open your page.....perhaps the f/w that secures my network @ work is blocking it off......Will keep trying though!

Poonam Sharma said...

youtube is blocked at work. At home, wireless too slow to download anything. Please email me the video file so taht I cn dwnlaod at work n watch.

Delete this message lest my boss sees it.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

And hey, I forgot! You must be elated at ARR's golden globe triumph!

Wonderful news, eh?

Anonymous said...

;( have to watch it from home and since the last few days havng trouble with the home connection..would watch it soon :((
sounds interesting though ;P

Anonymous said...

lol - it sure was a nice one..and our singing hero was actually smiling :)) when he was singing 'ponal pokattum poda ;P'

Anonymous said...


Smita said...

Why has this blog not been updated for so long???

Your name would be cut from the attendance role if you bunk more :D

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Simply amazing! Trust you to start singing whenever a chick comes up to you! :D
Hilarious story line! Good job, dude! :D

Smitha said...

Vimmuuu - my daughter had a great time watching this - She was like ' oh no Aunty's hair Aunty's hair' - guess that was the focus point for her:)

Anonymous said...

Ha..ha..ha I watched this some days ago. Didn't get time to post a comment then so first time commenting here. Also read couple of other posts. You must be ecstatic for ARR's Golden Globe win.

So you are a singer and a script writer too :)

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh :

You never fail to amuse me with your jokes. LOL @ the lyrics !

@ Nautankey :

Thanks man.Yeah, we had some issues with the sound while recording itself. yeah! who was he ???

@ Smita :

You watched this from office, didnt you ? LOL. Thanks.

@ IHM :

Thanks a lot. Dont tell me you had fever watching this video!! They mite ban this then !!! and your kids??I wouldnt suggest, that long haired guy might scare them too !!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Rakesh 2:

Its ok. But did you try opening it from home?

Elated?? I was jumping with joy at those unearthly hours when the results were announced !!! HE IS THE BEST !!!

@ Poonam :

Emailing this video is something which is next to impossible. No, no, I am not being rude. LOL. The file is 513 Mb !!!

@ Verbivorehere :

Thanks. Yeah, I suck at acting; big time ! But they didnt let me have a retake !!!

@ Alphabetworld :


vimmuuu said...

@ Smita :

I got back, but whats with the new avatar???

@ Nikhil :

Thanks a lot man ! and yeah, heres always a song playing inside whenever I come across a chick; and please read it only as chick ! I just hope someones not reading this comment !

@ Smitha 2 :

LOL. of all the things, she was focussing on the ghosts hair !! she didnt feel scary, did she?

@ Solilo :

Welcome to V-Lokam.

Thanks a lot for dropping in your comments.

yup, really happy for ARR.He deserves it, just that its too late a recognition for him. I must have watched the video where he received the GG a dozen times by now. Such humble and modest human beings are rare.

Smitha said...

Vimmuuu - I accidently played it when she was around - and she got obsessed with the hair :)Was worried that I scared her - but luckily , it was all about the hair for her :)

Anonymous said...

ROFL..I loved the part when the Ghost got scared when at dude at 2.20 turns back..lol..her look then is fantastic.(I think she acted well)

Very well done