Jan 31, 2009

Nominations for The Best Mallu Wins - Part 2

The second part of the Best Mallu Wins Contest :

Verbivorehere :

This Post seems to be too disoriented

As 2007 is about to wind, I felt a small brain. In 2008, in this small world of mine, why don't I write a post in my mother language. And that too without using English words.
I knew then only that it would be difficult because I think and work in English. I use my Mother's Language only when I'm with my dear ones. And me, I just don't know to write in my own language at all. If my memory is correct, it was in 10th std that I've written like this before.

So this year is going to be over, still (settling in the past with six), I'm not getting any topic to write. Pathetic right? "Then why did you start this item" will be the question of the majority. What to do. If I (get down and turn) I wont leave without finishing it. Then I thought, (beatings now) who is going to read this even if I (write &Banyan tree). In this world of mine, mallus (with shield) are less. The rest if they start reading this, will think I have serious disease with my head. Or they will think that some disastrous germ is trapped & lying in this world of mine. I just cant think "it's grass" no matter what others thought. Now here I have some (storeys & value) I can't lose and drink it.

As before like needle begging), I just loitered here and there thinking what to write. I'm not able to reach or catch. If I thought to write about the current status of our country, and that too in malayalam, it will be a knock the brain. After a much mixing of poison I thought of playing this game. It will be like building a work for all mallus here. All this, just like this, without missing a dot or a dash, without losing out in the meaning of the words translating is(not a coin matter). It must be their fate that this year should end like this (LOL).

Rakesh :

"this postman is cutting mutton[our poor goat] near the lake!!!"

After 2007 while I was drinking kanji,i had a small brain. In 2008 one of my daughters in the world decided to write a love letter in my country language to the post man. My uncle walks with a goat without using an auto. I felt like nature calling me[shitting]. Coz if I feel I do it with my uncle. I use my country language only near a closed nest or maybe in the closet!. If I am a man I can tell bad words to my close ones and also I will gave seven sacrifices to a judo master named arin.

I had a short term memory loss before. I wrote on a pole where a dog was in the loo near my door step singing a song “zhannoo.. shanoo..nanena”I tried to kill hanuman in kollam after 6 am… then kungu panda alias dangan [younger brother of dingan] tried to find a kitty seven times.

Shit near the alley! Thn why is the cops questioning the Arabic and Chinese and the man frm pala simply. Wht will I do? I went into 1 underground and lighted a Chaala[fish]..the poor goat saw the fire and now he wont leave it.Then I thought I write abt idiyappam[beating cake]..i have to feed 6 mouths. One malayalee kameena stole my locket. His friends beat me up near a pillar. my head feels so bad and I think I have a dust particle in my round eyes.
It seems tht there was some dangerous virus reproducing inside my locket..now they r thinking abt kidnapping me..

Whtever the 6 ppl think abt me..i gave grass to the tired garuda bird. I have a nice blue villa..and I wont allow my goat to drink and throw up in my house.I was in Mumbai, begging and selling needles near a pole, I used to write on the walls roaming here n there. No one is touching me.

We have an internet problem..our goat knows how to write in Malayalam. He wrote abt the cross. Now he is in trouble. After I lost many visas. I decided to take a bath after a long time.
All the malyalis got infected by the virus. Now all r sick and mad. Thn this happened near a pole..a big spotted cheetah demaded us to know the meaning. We fried him added some tar and put him in a jar bottle and sold him for a few pennies. Lets shout “eeeee” this year and sing near thane and this year might end if they r okay with idiot [ohh rakky laughing near the hill]

{in pic - The poet is drunk[wheel] and is in critical condition! }

Phew !!!!


Vishesh said...

Ok,I can't make sense of it... :P This is going to be thondiraja material(yes again and not to forget that you have to sing in thondi idol!)

Reema said...

how many more?

Rakesh said...

woohoo! i am nominated!!
hey tht "Phew!!" wasnt part of my translation!!!

vimmuuu said...

@ Vishesh :

Oh, I thought even Stars Scream Award was also going to be a part of Thondiraja. You wouldnt stop, would you? LOL. and yeah! I will sing in thondi idol !

@ Reema :

Thats all. LOL.

@ Rakesh :

That 'phew' was from my end.

Anonymous said...

So who won?

Anonymous said...

:) are there awards for the nominees too?

Bhargavi said...

how come there is so much diff in the interpretations? i thot malayalam was a straightforward language ..